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The legend I chose was the legend of Ravana- The legendary Emperor of Sri Lanka. It is believed that Ravana is one of the most powerful beings to ever roam the universe.  It is believed that he had mighty power over gods, humans and demons. It is also believed that he was a king and a follower to the great god Shiva. The story goes that Ravana in order to please his mother had decided to bring the mountain Kailash to Sri Lanka. As he lifted the mountain, God Shiva was angered by his arrogance and pushed the mountain back down, trapping Ravana. Ravana tore off his arm and made a musical instrument, ripping out sinews to form strings. He used this newly invented musical instrument to sing the praises of Shiva. He created music of such beauty that Shiva wept and forgave him. It is said that Ravana ruled Lanka for several hundred years after this, and it is also told that a mountain peak by the southern oceans of Sri Lanka is too linked to the Ravana legend and is held to be apart of the Himalaya mountain. The mountain filled with medicinal plants was allegedly brought to Sri Lanka to treat the injured of the Ravana war, it is told that it is still filled with herbs of rare medicinal value to this day.

This legend addresses and shows you the beliefs of the Hindu. It tells you about there god/king Ravana that brought them a mountain filled with herbs of rare medicinal value. I feel that the legend of Ravana Reflects their religion and beliefs and their views of a greater power because of how they speak of him and the many stories told about him.

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