Post #5: Reflection

I learned a lot about India and their beliefs, religion, society, ect. Its crazy how different it is compared to the U.S, which it where I live. I Learned that woman and men aren’t always treated equally when it comes to work. Woman are expected to stay home with the children and give them as much love and attention as possible so that they are raised to be good citizens of India. while men are sent to work to provide food/shelter for the families, but men don’t always make enough money to do this so that’s where the problem comes into play, women may need to work for that extra money but cannot if they choose to have children. I also learned a little bit about there views, belief, religion. How some Believe that there is a god named Ravana who is also a king that brought them medicine and herbs and who is so powerful that he conquered humans, celestials and demons.

What all this information gives to me is a view on their lives, it shows me that they have hard times and that men and woman aren’t always treated equally and it show me a view of there religion/beliefs in the higher power. They have a lot of expectations of the woman and children their goals are to raise good citizens of India above anything else. There not the richest of countries, they have dress codes that need to be followed, ect. All this research has given me a good inside look of what the country is really like and not just what I imagined it to be.

I would say that the article about India mothers helped me understand the people of India and there culture the best. It just showed me what its like for men and what its like for woman and children. It gave me incite on working conditions, how people are treated, and how there’s struggle and expectations. I believed India to be nothing like the U.S, I believed it to extremely different which it was. I don’t think that I ever thought much about it until now, until I researched about it. I think it’d be really cool to visit this country just to see what its like in person and not just what its like in my head. I feel like now I know more about India but I feel that if I travel their it’ll be a completely different experience then just reading about it.


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