In The Book Thief, Liesel steals, but she doesn’t get in trouble for it. But a lot of people in the book don’t get in trouble for a lot of things they do. Like the time when Hans found the Grave Diggers Hand Book. Hans asked her where she got it and nothing bad happened. The two of them decide to read the book instead because Hans wanted to help Liesel read for school. Nobody should ever steal. But in Liesel Meminger’s case, I think that she kind of has to because most of the people in Germany are poor at this time and who wouldn’t want to steal if you had the chance to do it.

Are Books Dangerous?

It really depends on what book you are reading. But in The Book Thief, I think books are dangerous because it’s based all on the rules of Hitler. In the book, everybody is scared of the book. So in some ways, I guess that that kind of book is very dangerous. Books in general aren’t always dangerous because there are so many different genres and it all depends on how people choose to read their books. In my opinion I don’t think books are dangerous at all. In a book, it’s just a bunch of words that don’t have to make sense unless you want them to.

The Book Thief So Far

So far I’m liking The Book Thief. Even though I’ve already read it before. In the book, I like it how it goes back and forth for character to character telling their story so the whole book isn’t based on Liesel. Other than that, the first time I read it, it was kind of hard to understand what was going on. But now it’s a lot easier to understand because I already know what’s going to happen. But as I’m reading I’m noticing different things each time a read. The only part I like in the book is when the Huberman guy teaches Liesel to read because later on in the book, she gets better and better.

What I look for in a good character

For me, I look for characters that try to become heroes. Or that character is trying to become something better of themselves. Or the kind of character that wants to become a  leader and not followers. In any book I read, I try and look for the positive side of the character in the book. Basically, I like to read books with a character who has a good sense about them selves. I don’t know, I like characters who don’t take crap and stand up for what’s right and try and fix it to make it better. All I’m saying is that I look for a strong character.

What would it be like?

In the book The Book Thief, Liesel Meminger is a girl who doesn’t come from a lot and she has lost a ton in her life. It would be like not having anybody to turn to when you need someone, not having really anybody to talk to you, and not having a family. To feel like this, loneliness would be the key word for this situation. Being alone, sad, frustrated, scared and many other emotions. It would be the worst thing that could ever happen to a little kid. It would be horrible to live the way Liesel Meminger had to live.

6- Deep Thinker

Source: The Last Star- Rick Yancey- pg. 59-60

Quote: Megan’s breathing fades away. Sam’s tears dry. He floats in a vast empty space. There’s nothing and no one, just empty space that goes on and on and on. Maybe that’s it, he thinks. Maybe there’s already nobody human left. Maybe they’re all infested. Which means he’s the last one. He’s the last human on Earth. Sam presses his hands against the pistol. Touch the gun comforts him. Megan has Bear. He has the gun. If it is a trick it they’re all aliens in disguise, he won’t let them win. He’ll kill them all if he has to. Then he’ll ride the rescue pod up to the mothership and blow it up. They’ll lose-the last human will die-but at least the Others won’t win.

Context: Sam is a little kid and he took a gun and nobody in the house knows that he has one. Sam is thinking of killing The Others. and he might shoot people in the house, people that he knows. But he is starting to get paranoid and he doesn’t know who’s good and who’s bad. Sam isn’t the person he used to be. Sam might even shoot his sister. He’s still not sure what to do.

This makes me think: Will Sam shoot anybody? And if he does, what will he do?

He was without imagination

Someone with lack of imagination like the man in To Build a Fire, would get into some trouble because  without imagination you can’t be creative with whatever you’re doing. In the story, the man was (I think) living a boring life and it was kind of hard for him to do the things he wanted to do. The man doesn’t really think before he does things and when he does something without thinking, it comes back to bite him in the butt. So I think if that somebody didn’t have any imagination at all, then they will start to think differently.

5- Deep Thinker

Source: The Last Star- Rick Yancey- pg. 32

Quote: “Cassie. I can’t stop thinking about them. Maybe Cup caught up with Ringer and-well, maybe she didn’t. She might be dead. Ringer might be dead. Oh, heck they probably are dead-or maybe they’re not. Maybe they made it to the caverns and Ringer came back to the hotel to get us, only there was no us  there to get because there was no there to come back to. Anyway, alive or dead, they’re out there. And if they’re alive, they have no clue what’s coming. They’ll die unless someone goes back for them.”

Context: Ben wants to go back to the hotel to  look for Ringer and Teacup because he thinks that they are alive and he really wants to find them. He keeps asking Cassie if he should go out and look for them. Cassie is saying that he should go and look for them because she keeps reminding him about the time when he saved Sam.

This makes me think: I think that he should stay because all of them know that The Others are looking for them. So if Ben leaves the group none of them will know if he gets captured or killed by The Others.

2- Book Review

What I read: The Infinite Sea- Rick Yancey- pages. 300- Science Fiction

How it starts: In the book The Infinite Sea, it all starts in an abandoned hotel and Cassie, Evan, Sam, Dumbo, Zombie, Ringer, Teacup, and Poundcake are still alive from escaping the first military base. Now all of them are taking cover because The Others are looking for all of them. Ringer decides to go look for food and while she was doing that, Teacup came outside. Not knowing who it was, Ringer shot Teacup in the side of her torso. Later on they both get captured by The Others.
How it gets complicated: While Ringer got captured The Others have been doing a ton of tests on her body and they put something in her to make Ringer like one of The Others. Then later on in the book she escapes in a helicopter with Teacup and a new guy named Razor. Back at the hotel Evans old alien friend comes to the hotel to try and kill everyone and Evan ends up killing his old friend and, he destroyed the whole entire hotel. Now all of them are living in the house of Evans old alien friend. All of them are waiting for Ringer to return so all of them can move to a safer place.

What I liked: I liked the part when Ringer was escaping in the helicopter with Teacup, and the new guy, Razor

What I disliked: When Ringer had the chance to kill Vosch, her gun wasn’t loaded.

Recommendation: if you liked the 5th Wave, then you will like this book

4- Deep Thinker

Source: The Infinite Sea- Rick Yancey- pg. 255-256

Quote: I swerve past the counter and race toward the swinging doors that lead to the ward. “Hey!” she shouts. “You can’t go back there!” Any day now, Razor. She hits the lock-down button on her desk. It doesn’t matter. I hurtle into the doors at full speed and smash both off their hinges. “Freeze!” she screams. The entire length of the hallway remains; I won’t make it. I’ve been enhanced, but I can’t outrun a bullet.

Context: Ringer just beat up two of the Others in the military base and now she is trying to escape but she is running in to too many people, so it’s harder for her to get out. So far she has stolen a military suit and she has all the codes to the trackers and she is trying to figure out where Razor is.

This makes me think: Why couldn’t Ringer track the one Vosch is wearing so she can just kill him first and not have any major problems later?