T4 Midterm Blog Post

The classes I signed up for are really fun. Some of them are LA basketball  conditioning, sociology, AP world history, Business, and Foods. I Am super excited for 10th grade because I have 5 classes with my best friend and I get to train with my basketball team in LA conditioning. One class that I really wanted to get in was Study Skills because that class was just to help with homework. Nothing really worries me about entering high school because I have a very large group of friends and we all stick together.

4th Term has been really rough on be because I’ve had to miss some classes because of track meets and now I have to get caught up. It’s very very frustrating. But other than that, it’s been good. My best class is  Sports and Outdoors because all of my friends are in there and it’s also really fun. I’m looking forward toward the yearbooks because some of my friends were on yearbook duty and they got pictures of the basketball team. My most challenging class is English because I’m not really good at it, even though I try my hardest so basically I hate English the most. I’m worried that my grades will change before school ends so I’m trying my best to keep them up. That’s all that matters.

I am going to St. George and I am going to relax and fave fun. My family always goes to St. George every spring break and it’s my favorite. Especially the trip down there. I am leaving on the first day when spring break starts.

Not Being Seen

I think the reason why Conor wants people to see him so badly is because of his Mom. At his school all the kids see in Conor is that his mom has cancer and with Conor knowing that that’s the case, I think he wants people to see Conor for the way he his and not his mom. When Conor said that it would make him feel better if he got punished probably means he wants the attention from other people. He even got in a fight and he almost got expelled but he didn’t because the headmaster realized that he’s the boy with the mom that has cancer. So the headmaster didn’t do anything to punish Conor. Maybe he feels like hes’s invisible to some people.


In A Monster Calls, it said that the apothecary punished the parson because he gave up too soon. Maybe it has to do with Conor’s mom and her maybe dying because in comparison, the monster could be the Apothecary and Conor could be the parsons because if you think about it, Conor’s mom has cancer and I think that the doctors don’t really know the right way to treat it because of her symptoms. I think all of this has to do with belief because Conor, doesn’t really care about anything, in my opinion. So maybe if he starts caring his mom might get better some how, and the monster won’t do anything to hurt anyone.


The Meaning of Stories

I think the meaning of stories are to give you a sense of wonder or a sense of curiosity because if you think about it, stories can be made up, or they can be told true and when you think of stories, you might think of a super hero fighting the bad guy or something like that. But not all stories have to have a good guy, and the good guys don’t always have to win. Sometimes the bad guy takes all. Sometimes stories can have a blindside and confuse you and have you question. So maybe that’s the meaning of stories. Maybe the reason why the monster is visiting Conor so much is because somehow the stories might relate to Conor’s life and what happening to it. Or what’s going to happen to it.

How I Survive Hard Things

For me, the hard things come in basketball. In a game everybody makes mistakes on the court and in the moment you just have to get over it. I don’t know why this is related to How I Survive Hard Things. But in a way I relate to it. In basketball you need to get out of your head and it doesn’t matter if you mess up you just need to finish the game. But when you mess up, that puts on a lot of pressure. That’s a hard thing because when you know that you practice hard and you’re a great player, and then in a fast paced game it can be harder to play your game because it’s not on your time. What I’m trying to say is that for me, the way survive hard things is to just let it go and move on.

Book Review 2.2

What I read: Where She Went- Gayle Forman- Young Adult Fiction- pages 210

How It Starts: In the book Where She Went, it doesn’t start off with Mia like in the last book. It starts off with Mia’s old boyfriend Adam. Adam is in this band and they are really taking off in New York and in California. Adam has a manager that kind of makes him crazy. Adam also hates to deal with media reporters. He had one interview and he almost punched the reporter in the face but his manager jumped in just in time. In the first book If I Stay, Adam was a good guy. But now, he smokes, drinks, and does off the counter drugs.

How it gets complicated: Adam is walking in the city of  New York and he comes across a huge poster of Mia playing the cello and Adam decides to  buy tickets and go see her. Once he gets there, an usher tells Adam than Mia wants to see him. Adam is surprised because they haven’t seen each other in 3 years. When Adam gets down there to see her Mia comes out and she is the first one to say anything. Then Adam says he’s breaking the law by seeing her because of the restraining order Mia put on him. Later on in the book Mia and Adam start seeing each other again.

What I liked: I liked when Adam almost punched a reporter in the face

What I disliked: I hated when Adam started doing drugs, it turned him into a different person.

Recommendation: If you like to read books about drama then this is the book for you.

The Book Thief Film Review

I liked the movie because once you read the book it makes it a ton easier to understand what was going on. I think the movie did really well on the characters because I think that it made the story better. The parts that I think did poorly was the time they introduced Max a little bit to early in he movie, and in the book you don’t really hear about Max until the middle of  the book. But that’s just my opinion. 😛 In the book, Rosa is a mean person who would yell and swear all the time. But in the movie I didn’t think that would swear or yell that much, and she didn’t, really. Like the time in the movie when Liesel decided to get buckets of snow from outside and have a snowball fight with everybody including Rosa. When that happened I though she would really lose her cool and yell and scream at everybody. Basically what I think about Rosa is that she can be nice sometimes. Overall the movie was interesting because you could actually see what was happening and some parts would be suspenseful and some parts would be sad and happy, etc


Deep Thinker 2.6

Source: Where She Went- Gayle Forman- pg. 59

Quote: I moved home, back to my parents’ place. Just grabbed a pile of stuff from my room at the House of Rock and left. Left everything. School. The band. My life. A sudden and wordless departure.

Context: Adam moves back to his parents because I guess there is just to much pressure on him. Just the other day, he got to see Mia after three years. social media reporters are on his case about how he knows Mia Hall. Other than that, he dropped out of school. He has nothing going for him in his life right now.

This makes me think: Adam’s parents don’t know the reason why he dropped out of school or why he decided to leave the band all of a sudden. Later on in the book, Christmas comes up and Adam is thinking that Mia is going to come over. Will she? Or will he go to her?

Deep Thinker 2.5

Source: Where She Went- Gayle Forman- pg. 54

Quote: “Thank you,” she says. Then she cringes. “I just, I can’t believe you’re here.” I think of the three-year restraining order she basically took out on me, which I violated tonight.

Context: Adam is walking in the city before the day of his tour and he comes across this huge poster of Mia Hall. It’s has to do something with her playing the cello and how she’s playing beautifully at her college Julliard. So Adam decides to go to one of her concerts and then right after the usher said that Mia wanted to see him.

This makes me think: Once Adam went back to see Mia. Mia apparently had a restraining order on Adam. I don’t know what he did yet. But why would she want to see him if she had a restraining order on Adam? Isn’t that illegal to meet someone if you have a restraining order on them?

The Power of Words

I think the power of words is very important in Liesel’s case because Hitler wants to take over the world in The Book thief and in the story it works in just 10 years and when Max left, he left Liesel a sketch book and it’s about a big tree a little girl and I think a man. The tree grows with the little girls powerful words and then they create a pathway. I think what this means is that basically, the little girl is obviously Liesel and with the kind of words she knows and uses, nothing can really stop her. Also with the kind of words that Hitler uses, it could easily get torn down because Hitler isn’t such a good guy. In books, they have a ton of words and some words can again, be really powerful in some cases it just depends on how that person chooses to uses the kind of words they want to use.