I think that we should continue to teach Shakespeare and hears why. First, Its challenging, and when something is challenging we can ether give up or expand on your knowledge and in school we are forced to challenge our self and Shakespeare is a good way to do just that. Second, we can expand our vocabulary when read Shakespeare, if you are reading a book and find a word that you don’t understand what do you do? you could look it up or ask someone and that can help you expand on your vocabulary, in normal day life you probably wouldn’t use his vocabulary but reading it gives you a chance to learn.


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Everything I Know or Think I Know About Shakespeare

What I know about or think I know about Shakespeare is that he lived in England during the Elizabethan era and wrote many plays, poems,and story’s like like the hamlet, midsummer’s night dream, Henry v,vi,viii, Romeo and Juliet and many many more that continue to influence the modern world. some modern influences are Nomeo and Juliet, a movie bast off the play Romeo and Juliet except they are all gnomes and live in the back yard of some ones house, another influence is in a series called the sisters Grimm and in it they meet a fairy prince trickster named Puck off of the play Midsummer’s nights dream.


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Self assessing can be a highly usefully tool is used. It could be used to see if you can actually doing good or being productive when nobody is watching. it could also be used to find and correct mistakes as you are going along, you wouldn’t want to get finished with a house to then relies that you put up the perfect curtains but forgot to run the plumbing. you could thing of self assessing as a check list, so before you start putting up decorations make sure that you have the plumbing, electrical, and so on. this is the importance of self assessing.


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How I Will Dominate During Term 4

How I am going to dominate for term four is I am going to practice my violin more. l have not relay been practicing and festal is in 2 weeks, if you can’t guess I don’t sound too good. so my new goal is to practice my violin 30-45 minutes a day so I can get way better. Another goal is to make sure I have my assignments done and completed because I have been slacking on that too. I am also going to study for the world test in geography so I don’t fail and have to go to summer school.


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How I Feel About To Kill a Mockingbird

I felt that this book was a real good book and I feel that there is a lot that can be leaned and taken from this book. This goes from a simple meaning that is present through out the book and that is don”t do things to things that don’t do any thing to you and this is seen and represented by a mocking bird through the book. but it can also be taken deeper to that of fighting racism, I saw this because Tom was un rightfully tried and convicted, and It sends a measeg we need to do something about that.


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Good Stuff from To Kill a Mockingbird

“Tellin’ the truth’s not cynical is it?” — “The way you tell it, it is” I think that this quote is significant because soe times the truth is cynical or at least people make it cynical. First of all what is cynical? cynical the dictionary definition “is believing that people are motivated by self-interest; distrustful of human sincerity or integrity.” or in other words it means you are motivated be selfishness or asking something like,”What’s in it for me?” today’s world is very cynical or motivated by greed, the news is a strong influence but is becoming harder to tell lies from truth.


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An Authority on Courage and Integrity

Hello my name is George Washington, you might know me as the first president of the United States. It took a lot to get where I was, I was a general in the revolutionary war as a general I had a lot of hard choices to make, but even through the harsh winters me and my men persevered, crossing cold icy lakes and winning battles. Even through it all I never gave up, and to help me through I got the opinions of others to help me decide. I had to think of how this would affect others and their families, so do what you think is right and follow your heart.Image result for george washington images

Blind Spots

I think Atticus said that Walter Cunningham a good person with blind spots because he was caught up in the moment and didn’t relay know what he was doing. I think that they were all drunk and were like let’s go into town and kill Tom Robinson. we all  make mistakes that we regret, I think that that night would have been one of Walters if scout hadn’t stopped him. we all have our blind spots and some may be bigger than others and Walter was caught in a relay big one. in summary we all have blind spots.  Image result for blind spots

Real Courage

I think that this definition of courage is true, courage is not going into some thing knowing you will succeed its doing some thing no knowing what will happen but doing it any way. True courage is getting back on the horse after you have been bucked off, or over coming your fears, courage is not a man with a gun or any weapon of protection, courage can be small or big, courage can be over coming a fear of the dark or standing up to u bully. After all the pen is mightier than the sword. That is true Courage.

Climbing into Another Persons Skin

Atticus told Scout you half to climb in to anther persons skin, and what I think he meant by that was you have yo see through their point of view. Its the same consent as walk in their shoes for a mile. If Scout did this she could get along better because she would be looking at it from two sides instead of just one. Just last night we ordered pizza and we all were tired and when we got our pizza the lady was rude and grumpy but we thought that she probably had a long day and wanted to go home.Image result for old shoes

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