I do think that the Monster is right, But he probably should’t kill others because that is bad, But the parson did not stay true to his beliefs and he did not know what the right thing to do was. So he just gave up on himself didn’t believe and went to go and beg to others about his problems. We also need to not lie love each other and stay true. So I don’t necessarily think that either of them did the right thing to help. And lying will not help you to do the better or to save the ones you love…

Deep thinker 1.4

Source: A misseribe mill, Lemony snicket, 180

Quote: “You must forgive the children, said Mr Poe they tend to see count Olaf everywhere.”

Context: well First off Mr.Poe is the man who runs where the children will go after their parents die and where they are going to live. I think that He is talking about the times when Count Olaf is trying to go and kill the children and take them away for there fortune and he will also not take care of them he will definitely kill them. So he is a pretty bad guy.

This makes me think: That Mr Poe doesn’t believe them and doesn’t think that they are telling the whole and honest truth. So maybe he is working with Count Olaf of he is forced to not say anyhting that the other peope like the people that work for count olaf and they are also evil people.


deep thinker 1.3

Source: A miserable mill, Lemony snicked, 117

Quote: ” I will tell you why I am Shirley, I am Shirley because I would like to be clad Shirley and it is impolite not to do so.”

Context: At this point in the story, The Baudelaire siblings are on the run from count Olaf and he keeps trying to find them. Right know in the book Olaf is in discise of a woman and is trying to get them like he ussialy does and they always know that it is him because they are likes and they can tell when  it is him

This makes me think: Well do you know how they are not exactly sure if there parents are dead yet, Mabye there parents are in discize to try and see what they are doing, Or they are just like secret spies or something like that.


Deep thinker 1.2

” who know is clause can define words for us”.

Source: Deborah Wiles, Each little bird that sings, 183


” who know is clause can define words for us”.

Context: This is when Decleration had been invited to aunt florentines funeral, Se did not want to go because of peach, peach is their cousin and She is younger and they do not like her because she ruins everything and is the word she is also very greedy.

This makes me think: that these girls are not greedy because they care about the other people there and they don’t want to ruin anything because of peach being there,


Deep thinker 1.1

” who know is clause can define words for us”.

Source: miserable mill; Lemony Snicket

Quote   ” who know is clause can define words for us”.

Context: Well clause is very smart and he know so much weird and cool thing like vocabulary, and they where asked some weird thing, so they asked if he knew, because he always tells you things and tries to outsmart you and what you are thinking.

This makes me think: I chose this passage because this stuck out to me and made me think how he is just so smart and know all of this. I think that it is because he went to a good school and after his parents a died he would just go and read and teach  himself these new thing so he wouldn’t go and think about what bad thing that have happened in his privies life, maybe his parents mad do all of this.

Book review

What I read: Each little bird that sings, Deborah wiles, 260

How it starts: It is about a girl who lives at a funeral home with the rest of her family and they always are at funerals and have dead bodies at their house. And her name is Comfort Snowberg.

How it gets complicated: Her best friend declaration  is sorta mad at her because well her mom had died and she was just sorta mad and didn’t know what to do so was just mad, and she was always knew what death was like so she wasn’t very surprised.

What I liked: I liked how there was a very good story line and Everything was explained very well and I always knew everything, I loved how Most of the story was in her point of view and It was telling what it would be like if we where in her arms and just the things about this and growing and learning as a teenage girl.

What I disliked: I disliked how there was just a lot of death and It wasn’t very happy

Recommendations: I really do recommend this book, Because it has a very great point of view and it tells the story very well and is explained pretty well,


Book review, Series of unfortunate events,

What I read: Series of unfrotunet events, lemony snicket, 385 pages with two of the book combined.

How it starts: They are 3 siblings, Baudelaire siblings, There parents died and they are trying to get away from their Uncle count olaf, because he wants to kill them and take their fortune because they where very wealthy.

How it gets complicated: They get trapped in this candy factory and they can’t leave, but they keep thinking that they are seeing there mom and dad, But they are dead and then the baby makes up this weird type of language and talks to her siblings and says weird things to the baby people

What I liked: The thing that I liked was how they where always in hiding from count Olaf and how he was always able to find them, This is how it is the whole series. and he was always able to get them back to live with them, this is definitely a book that is kinda scary but will keep you in the book.

What I disliked: That there was so many cliff hangers and you never got to know what actually happened at the end of the book till you read the next book, When I read this I read the whole series because of this same problem.

Recommendations: I would recommend this book to maybe older kids because It is a more mature book and this I something that even I got kinda scared and thrilled watching.


Word nerd 1.11

Source: A miserable mill, lemony snicket. 96

Context: “and I cannot simply explain the grotesque sight.”

In their words      ::::a style of decorative art characterized by fanciful or fantastic human and animal forms often interwoven with foliage or similar figures that may distort the natural into absurdity, ugliness, or caricature

My words: A fake story or a person.