deep thinker 1.3

Source: A miserable mill, Lemony snicked, 117

Quote: ” I will tell you why I am Shirley, I am Shirley because I would like to be clad Shirley and it is impolite not to do so.”

Context: At this point in the story, The Baudelaire siblings are on the run from count Olaf and he keeps trying to find them. Right know in the book Olaf is in discise of a woman and is trying to get them like he ussialy does and they always know that it is him because they are likes and they can tell when  it is him

This makes me think: Well do you know how they are not exactly sure if there parents are dead yet, Mabye there parents are in discize to try and see what they are doing, Or they are just like secret spies or something like that.


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