Deep thinker 1.4

Source: A misseribe mill, Lemony snicket, 180

Quote: “You must forgive the children, said Mr Poe they tend to see count Olaf everywhere.”

Context: well First off Mr.Poe is the man who runs where the children will go after their parents die and where they are going to live. I think that He is talking about the times when Count Olaf is trying to go and kill the children and take them away for there fortune and he will also not take care of them he will definitely kill them. So he is a pretty bad guy.

This makes me think: That Mr Poe doesn’t believe them and doesn’t think that they are telling the whole and honest truth. So maybe he is working with Count Olaf of he is forced to not say anyhting that the other peope like the people that work for count olaf and they are also evil people.


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