The Book Thief… So Far

So far this book is just so amazing and at the same time so inetresting.

I think that the more that I read it and get to know and understand it more I will learn to love it even more. And also if I get to know and understand more about the characters. I really like the timeline of the book and where it takes place because that is such a crazy time in history.  I like how it shows that the neighbor is from the nazi party, well it is bad but still interesting, then Mr. Hubberman is totally against it.

what I look for in a good character

Well, I have a very big personality and I am a very loud and energetic person and so are my friends so I like it when in books that is what the character is like to. I also like it whenthey really tell you what is going .on in the book and when they actually tell you lots of things and they are just very detailed, And I do mostly like it when they ar egirls because I can relate to them way more then I can to guys, This Is the way that  I like my chareters to be.

A monster calls; Book review

Well this book is about a kid named Conor O’Malley, and his mother is sick and every night he has a nightmare about her falling of of a cliff into the darkness and him letting her go.  He always has this at 12:07 and it doesn’t matter where he is at.

The big ideas are that when the monster came he started to tell these three stories and by the time he was done Conor had to tell the fourth one, Or he would be harmed by the monster. And at these parts of the book there are these really cool illustrations and they also do help to tell the story I think.

I liked how they made sure to tell what the monsters thoughts In all of this where, It was very sad when he was always crying about his mother but was always  to afraid to admitt it. I also liked how the monster was more of a different version of him and yeah!

I disliked how in the movie it was just way to dark and sad and conor was never shown having fun at all..

I do think that a lot of people do relate to this book in so many different ways, like the sick parent, Or the divorce situations and having terrible grandparents and just not having people being there for you at all times and places.

This was a great book and  I do recomend this to others and I really did enjoy this.