Secret Secrets Are No Fun; Secret Secrets Hurt Someone

Well Some secrets can really hurt someone. But also there is a time that you might need to keep one,Maybe for the sake of someones life in danger. Like how they are keeping Max in there basement. And when max was on his way to there house he had to keep a secret that he was a jew and that he was not really the person on the I D card. Like in family situations there are times that you need to keep things to yourself and just to your family. And also not all secrets are bad. Some can be good and fun, like a surprise party or just people trying to do something nice to you or someone you know.

Max abandoned his family

No, I do not think that it was the right decision. Honestly I think it was pretty selfish of him to do that. I really do bet that his family was happy that he is still going to live and possibly have a good life. But I would rather die that have to be hiding  in someones basement for the rest of the war, or possibly even his life. But I do think he should have gone with them, because then he will die with them and he will not have to feel guilty the rest of his life wondering what happened to them


Word nerd 2.3


Source: Wonder, palicio, 70

Context: I thought mom would try to drop my Aversion to have my picture taken for school.

In their words:  a feeling of repugnance toward something with a desire to avoid or turn from it.

My words: Not wanting to do something. or make another person do it.

On Stealing

Well she did start stealing more with the “gang” she joined. And, I really do think that stealing is bad and that people should not do it, But when you or someone else is in leisels situation and you are starving to death and it is freezing cold outside you are probably OK. I just don’t know why leisel started to join the Gang because she does not need all of this food. But I d get that she is just trying to help her friends that are actually in need of all the food and help they can get, So yes i do think it is ok… 

Word nerd 2.1

Source: Wonder, R.J Palicio 8

Context: We used to spend our hours playing with star wars action figures and dueling with our light sabers.

In their words:  a formal combat with weapons fought between two persons in the presence of witnesses

In my words: just a sword fight; I think, I would tell them it was a fight with two people involved.



Are book dangerous?

Yes, I do think that book can be dangerous, bu I do think it does depend on the person who is reading the book. Lots of books have Emotional story lines and there are lots of people who do get offended very easily and are not so happy about it. And back then the Nazi party did not want any information that was against them or made them feel embarrassed at times. SO thy effeminately did believe that books where dangerous. And they also probably wanted to look better then every other political party in Germany at the time. And  people did not want to be harmed by them so they just followed the order and did what the Nazi guys said.

scared face…