The Power of words

Yes, Words can be very Powerful. They can make or break a situation. But sometimes you just don’t have a filter and you just say stupid or Nasty things. And in the book that Max left for Leisel, In the book it talks and has pictures that the trees have words falling out of them and they represent something. I think that they represent all of the emotions that are going on. And they are all of the emotions of everybody. But mostly max and the Hubbermans. And the Author definitely uses the Power of words like how the Narrator uses weird words and phrases.

Book Review

What I read:                I read the book Wonder by R.J Palicio, It is a happy book with some sad parts.  It has 315 pages and is know one of my favorite books

How It starts: Well, the main character is Auggie, He has a disability that is wrong and makes it so his face looks a little different it is called, Treacher Collins Syndrome. And he has been home schooled for most of his life, and know that he is going in to middle school he is going to go to a public school.

How It Gets Complicated: He will get a tour of the school like a week before it starts by a few students. And when he gets there on kid named Julian juts is being mean and whenever the teacher or the principle comes to check on them he just is so fake.

What I liked: I liked the story line and how the Author just wants us and Auggie and any other people that have a disability that do not feel confident, To just love themselves and to be happy with who you are and to just not care what other people think about.

What I disliked: I did not like how long the book to get to the good and happy part, And how there were just so many mean things that people said.

Recommendations: Honestly, I think any one can read this book and have a good time. I don’t really like to read, But I read this book. And that says a Lot.


Word Nerd 2.7

Source: Holes, Louis Sachar,        Page# 20                SPIGOT

Context:” Stanley Stared at him Terrified, There’s  a water SPIGOT on the wall of the shower wall.”

In their words; a fixture for controlling the flow of a liquid.

In my words: A handle you use to shower with or use to connect with a hose.

You’ve got a friend in Rudy

To be honest I kinda like Rudy, He is very energetic. And when Rudy wants something he will not give up on trying to get it. like how in the book it said that he would soon kiss leisel. And I do think that he really does care about other people. but he does not care about what they think but he just generally cares about people and loves them. He might seem dumb or stupid, But if you think about it isn’t like every other teenager or kid that you know at funny or crazy moments. And plus he is probably just going through puberty and just acting like the age he should act.

Word Nerd 2.6


Source: Wonder       Palicio        Page#88

Context: They bulge outward because his eye cavities are to shallow to accommodate them.

In their words:  to provide with something desired, needed, or suited

In my words: To make it match or look better


Deep thinker

Source: Wonder, Palicio,        Page # 59

Quote: I am not sure why, but all of the sudden I started to cry.

Context: him and his sister were going to bed and the family was just not having the best day, And his mom was reading them the hobbit as a bed time story And Auggie started to cry.

This makes me thing: I choose this passage because I know that auggie has a big heart and is just really sweet kid.  And i think that he thinks his family treats him differently, witch they do but not because of his divisibility but because they are so happy to have him as there own. But I honestly think that they are being to lovey-dovey also. Like If I was Auggie I would not want to be the person with all of the attention/ heads all turned to me! So that is just my thoughts though…


A Little Light in the Darkness

When I am at a dark time and I do not feel happy of loved I just go to my Friends or Family for help. Whenever I talk to someone It just makes me feel happy. And also  to just tell my problems and to just get them off of my chest. No, I do not know what it is like to be hiding from the Nazis as a jew. But i do know what it is like to feel left out or sad and even lonely at times. My grandfather died 2 years ago and it was so terrible, But we all went down to California and all of the Big family was there to love and support each other, and my Grandma.


Word Nerd 2.5

Source: Wonder, Palicio     Page#59

Context: “They had crossed the enchanted stream; but beyond it the path seamed to straggle  on just before, and in the forest they could see no change.” 

In their words: to wander from the direct course or way ROVESTRAY

In my words: To move away from  Picture______________________________________________________:

Secret Secrets Are No Fun; Secret Secrets Hurt Someone

Well Some secrets can really hurt someone. But also there is a time that you might need to keep one,Maybe for the sake of someones life in danger. Like how they are keeping Max in there basement. And when max was on his way to there house he had to keep a secret that he was a jew and that he was not really the person on the I D card. Like in family situations there are times that you need to keep things to yourself and just to your family. And also not all secrets are bad. Some can be good and fun, like a surprise party or just people trying to do something nice to you or someone you know.