In stories like this they do get rid of their dads and, I think that this comes from their past experiences and what their fathers of maybe even husbands and sons where like. When you read these stories to your kids and they have the dead or bad father it could be great, I think this because they will know that they have a father that loves and cares about them and he is alive and breathing, He is able to be reading these books to them. What I am saying is that they will be great full that they have someone is there for them all of the time. And that you are not a psychopathy and not mean. When your children become teenagers, That is what they will call you (idiots or Phycos) but that is just what it is like with mood swings.

The best book I ever read

The best book I have ever read yet Is not actually just a book it is a series and it has 14 books and the author of them in Lemony Snicket. This a a very weird book series because if you are just having a sad day you should not read this because this will just make you so so sad, There is quite¬† a bit of deaths and if I do say so myself¬† It kept me at the edge of my seat most of the time… So it is about these three kids who’s parents died because there house bernt down. So their creepy uncle was the one who would be taking care of them and he just wanted to do this because of there fortune that he would take, So this book Just takes you on there journey to get away from him…