February 12

An Authority on Courage- Dora

One day I was walking thru the woods on my way home skipping excitedly because I knew when I got home I was going to eat tacos, when I saw a girl crying and I asked her if she was alright she said no her and her dad had just been attached by a band of monkeys and they had taken her dad to the top of the mountains and then she asked me if I could help her get her dad back I thought to myself “Nah I want tacos sorry” but before I could answer she was on the floor pleading with me so I gave in when we got to the top of the mountain the monkeys told me it’s either they get a banana or they kill the dad so me, hungry as ever because I didn’t get tacos, being the nice person I am gave them my last banana and we went home and had tacos. The End.

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