Literature review

This book was about these teenagers going to a cabin for fall break to get away from technology. The author was really good at explaining and describing characters and things. Some things the author could do better on is building suspense. The author made really good connections between characters and made it really intense. The author also made it clear what the character wanted and how the character got out of it. I really liked the plot twist ending and how it became more suspenseful as the story went on. Yeah, it could use some more suspense in the middle. But it was a pretty good concept for a story.

1% gain

My one percent gain is to start doing homework every night. If I get homework that day I am going to do it as soon as I get home. If I don’t have time to do it because of sports, vacations, or play practice then I will do it as soon as I get back or as soon as possible. I will also start studying as soon as I get a study guide for a test or quiz so I can pass the class and not fail. I really need to study harder for biology because the tests can be hard sometimes. If I study every night then I will most likely pass the test.

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Tell me about it

Currently I am pretty excited and hyper for some reason. I have auditions for Into the Woods and that makes me a little bit nervous but other than that I’m excited for Thanksgiving break and lot’s of other things. I am probably going to hang out with my friends over the break and have a lot of fun. I am also excited for the 14th of December and just December in general. The reason I’m excited for the 14th is because I am going to Saint George to go see my cousin in Beauty and the Beast and to chill at my aunts house. She has a pool which is cool. Every year I go to Riverwoods in December with a bunch of my friends and when we get back to one of our friends houses we do a white elephant gift exchange. It is going to be so much fun! I’m so excited for Into the Woods and December to come around.

What I’m reading

I’m reading a book called Matched by Ally Condie. It is about a girl named Cassia and she is supposed to get “matched” with someone from a different city. When she was matched the screen went black and she didn’t know what  to do. She thought that she was not going to have a match and be single forever. Then all of a sudden the person running the matching program goes on stage with a mic and says something like This is a rare occurance. She is matched with someone from her city. Then the announcer says that she is matched with her best friend named Xander. None of them were expecting that and they were shocked. So far I’ve gotten to chapter 8 and this book is amazing! I have been reading it in English every B day and when I have time I try to read it at home. I highly recommend this book.

Who am I as a reader?

As a reader I like to imagine myself as the main character and what I would do in their situation. I like to say in my head if I would do something different from what the character or if I would do the same thing. Right now I’m reading a book where this one girl is supposed to get matched with someone from another city but she didn’t. I was thinking  about if we had to be matched with someone out of the city how I would feel and what I would do. For my short story I am writing about kids in detention and they eventually try to escape. I based their characters off of my friends personalities and what they would do in detention.

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