Climbing into another person’s skin

Climbing into another person’s skin means that you have to see things from their point of view. You may judge someone by how they look or act but once you get to know them you may really like the person. For example, I had a friend in 4th, 5th, and 6th grade. We were kind of well… brats. We thought we were so much better than everyone else because we didn’t really know them. When 7th grade came around we just stopped talking and we weren’t really friends. Everyone still thought I was really annoying and rude but then my group of  friends now got to know me really well and realized that people can change from elementary school to middle school. If you meet new people and make new friends you really get to understand them and how nice they can actually be. I decided to put a picture of different perspectives/ optical illusion thing


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Beliefs and Actions

Having different beliefs can affect your future. If you say you are bad at math and think that you physically can’t do it then you will not try as hard. If you say you can do something then you are more obligated to do that thing and setting goals can help with that. When you believe in something you will want to talk about it more and if it’s a product, class in school, person, music, movie, T.v show, etc. you may recommend it to some people and they may use it. I’m not saying everyone has to like the same things. For example if you like a movie that someone else hates, it doesn’t nessecarily make it a great movie but it might not be a terrible movie. Maybe the movie is just okay for some people. Thanks for coming to my reasoning about beliefs, hopefully it makes sense.