September 19 2018

He was Without Imagination


Image result for empty thought bubble personI think that lack of imagination was definitely the problem, and it was very good writing of Jack London to put that as the problem. Imagination is the ability to form new ideas, to be creative, and to be resourceful. Even in PG if their is a situation of danger even just a little, you will not be able to struggle through very well. If you are in a situation of stress, whether with or without danger, it will be crucial to have imagination. This is because you wouldn’t be able to speculate, and come up with a plan, playing (imaginary) situations in your head, and figuring out which one is best, or what actions you should take. You wouldn’t be able to think of different ways to use objects that may seem limited in their usefulness. You also wouldn’t be able to sense that their was danger, because you would not be able to make things up, in a way that would keep you safe.

September 17 2018

Word Nerd # 2

Far World book 1: Water Keep   By: J. Scott Savage   Page#: 22

If you still want to stick to your version of what happened, I’ll have no choice but to give you two hours in seclusion.

Seclusion: The state of being private and away from other people

In my Words: Being alone or isolated

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September 13 2018

Word Nerd #1

Far World book 1: Water Keep   By: J. Scott Savage   Page#: 6

Foam dripped off the twin tongues that dangled from their hungry-looking jaws, and their red eyes studied him voraciously.

Voraciously: Exceedingly eager or avid

In My Words: Wanting something very much

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September 11 2018

Septimus Heap Book 4: Queste

Book Review #2

Septimus Heap Book 4: Queste   By: Angie Sage                   Pages: 596   Genre: Fantasy Fiction   Rating 5/5 stars

How it Starts: Princess Jenna, and Septimus really want to get Nicko and Snorri back, because they are trapped somewhere (sorry, no spoilers), they have no idea how to help Snorri and Nicko, until one day while Septimus is with the last Alchemist Marcellus Pye, Marcellus tells him about a map that Snorri’s aunt made a very long time ago. Then, they decide to set off on a Queste to rescue Nicko and Snorri. Also, far away in the Badlands, Merrin Meredith has summoned a Thing, stolen the Two-Faced Ring, and is on his way to Darken the destiny of a certain Septimus Heap.

How it Gets complicated: First, they must make the map readable, which is very old, extremely delicate, and nearly impossible once the papers are accidentally torn to shreds, and a piece is missing. Also, an evil ghost causes a gathering to happen, after Merrin gives it his Thing, and the ghost makes Septimus draw a stone from the Questing Pot, but he refuses, so the ghost puts the wizard tower under seige, and he barely escapes . . . With the Questing Stone.

What I liked: I liked how the made it so there were many things that seemed almost out of place, to draw our attention to it, and then we would see how it was important, and then my attention would be forced back to something else, until there was another surprising thing that caused me to think more about something, or question my assumptions.

What I disliked: In my opinion, this book was nearly perfect, I think it was very well written, and just the right amount of confusing (most of the time), that it was still interesting. Although I liked most everything about the book, I think that the author could have made it more interesting, if they hadn’t made it so easy to be confused by small parts of the story, that seem strange and pointless. (although later in the book it made sense why they were there).

Recommendation: I love reading, but I’m not good at reading things other than fiction, I mostly read fantasy and adventure, which is why I read this book, It is a combination of both. This book has many different parts to it, and I would recommend this book to anyone who likes adventure, or is willing to listen.

September 7 2018

Septimus Heap Book 3: Physik


Book Review #1

Septimus Heap Book 3: Physik   By: Angie Sage                 Pages: 576   Genre: Fantasy Fiction   Rating 5/5 stars

How it Starts: Septimus Heap’s father Silas Unseals a room, to put a colony of counter feet in the room. Inside the room, he sees a creepy portrait of an old queen, and her weird rat-like pet, but what he doesn’t see, is the ghost of the queen and the pet escape from the sealed room. Also While Septimus is supposed to be studying for a wizard test, he is instead reading about the last Alchemist, Marcellus Pye, and his experiments.

How it Gets complicated: The ghost queen goes to see Princess Jenna, and makes her read about Queen Ethelredda the terrible. The ghost of Queen Ethelredda then pushes Septimus Heap into the moat. She saves him, but threatens to Return him to the moat, where he would undoubtedly drown, unless princess Jenna takes him into the Queen’s room, and makes him look into a glass. When Septimus does look into a glass he sees a grotesquely old man, who is surprisingly strong and pulls him through the glass, not without a struggle from both Jenna and Septimus. Jenna then must travel very far, yet almost stay in the same place, to find her beloved brother Septimus.

What I liked: I really liked how the author set up the turn of events, to cause so much suspense, and make it so I was stuck wondering what was going to happen next, and what even happened. I also liked how the pieces of the puzzle that was the book, slowly started to be put together, with every new thing that happened, and how I could never truly understand, until the end, and everything made sense. I like how the author bolded any Magykal words, so you could tell what was serious or magykal.

What I disliked: To me, this book didn’t really have any flaws, I think it was very well written, and just easy/hard enough to follow the story at times, that it was still interesting. Although I liked most everything about the book, I think that the author could have made it better, if they had made it so it wasn’t so easy to be confused by small parts of the story, that kind of seemed random. (although later in the book it made sense why they were there).

Recommendation: I love reading, and I usually only read fiction, fantasy and adventure but this book was like a combination of both. This book really does have a lot of different elements, and I would recommend this book to just about anyone who needs a little adventure

August 29 2018

The Books that Stand Out

Image result for the reckoners series imagesI have read many books in my lifetime, and I haven’t read any books that I can recall and did not like, this makes the decision hard for me. Even though it was hard, I did come to a conclusion. Out of all the books I have read my favorites have been the Reckoners series (that includes Steelheart, Firefight, and Calamity). These books are about a world where superheroes were somehow introduced to the world, and everything became violent. The characters have to struggle to find more out about the villians, and they have to find out more about themselves and who they truly are. I give these books 5 out of 5 stars, and I would recommend this book to anyone who likes adventure, action, or fantasy.


August 29 2018

Why Stories Shape Us


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Stories are an extremely important part of all societies and cultures, they help people make many decisions whether large or small. Stories help people relate to lessons, and teachings that can help them to things they do every day. Many people think in stories, they play out a little video. I myself see images in my head that when I put them together, I can see the whole picture and the whole purpose. When I hear a story, I build the pictures and think up all the images in my head. This way makes it so if I ever need to relate to a story in any way, I can change the situation a little maybe, and I can put myself in the characters’ shoes. In conclusion, a story helps a person relate a moral to their lives, and they can more easily apply it.