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I think that a pretty juicy one is when Mrs. Maudie says “We’re making a step. It’s just a baby step, but it’s a step.” This is what she said after the trial. I think that she and Atticus both knew they were gonna lose no matter how good Atticus defended Tom. And that’s why neither Atticus or Mrs. Maudie was surprised when they found Tom Robinson guilty. But she did say to Jem how long Atticus kept the trial going and kept the jury deciding on if he was guilty or not guilty. And she said usually things like this are over very fast. But they did notice how long the jury was . That’s when she gave this quote. Because they got just a little bit closer to equality. And Atticus does keep saying that it’s not time to worry yet, so things should still be good for a little bit. Make sure you subscribe to my blog for more posts like this one, as we say in Sveden ogodantokantoff.

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