The Story I Enjoyed the Most or Disliked the Least

RThe storry of life and death yeahnits kinda cray crary and i dont evne know what it realy mean and stuff but it hass blod and bloo and guns an stuff, Sorry I am late, this is my last chance to do this, so please listen. I have barely any time left, The world will be nuked by North Korea on December 25, the day of giving. The day of reckoning, I have 3 minutes left to type this, when I leave all the words will disperse, so please don’t forget. What I need is you is to go the middle of the cafeteria and look under the trash cash and ohh annd whahat was i talkin oh i dnt even knoow

The good stuff.

I am grateful for Carson Jacob, I love him, I truly do. Whether he is looking at me like he is plotting to murder me, or he is just smiling, I love him, I love Carson Jacob. He is fantastic at basket ball, married to the ball he says. He has wonderful eyes, the best I’ve ever seen, do not, and I mean it, don’t forget about those S tier cheeks. If I were to go on I would write a whole dictionary on him, but I simply don’t have the time, committing to this, will be a life sentence.

1st Term Business

I’ll have to say that this was the worst time I’ve ever had in my life. The amount of sexual tension I have felt between me and my peers has been surreal. I can’t explain how much I’ve had to contain myself from doing something I might regret. They know what I want to do, I know what they want to d, we’re connected, we are one. I know where all my teachers live, in fact I’ve been over at one of their house, can’t say who, that’s a secret ;). You have no idea what it feels like to have a bond stronger than steel with Mr. Tom, and I can tell you all about it, but I simply don’t have the time.

The First Story I Read

The first story I read was the book called Get Good, by Tyler Blevins. It is the book that jump started my gaming career, it helped me with a lot of gamer skills like Fortnite, Call of Duty, and many more. Now don’t even get me started on Ninja, I love him, when he is doing the pom pom dance or when he is yelling at little kids, I love him so much. I know where he lives, he is so cool and funny and hot, his wife should honestly treat him better, because i am ready to replace her.

What I’ve Been Reading

Man I love this book that I’ve been reading, it’s so cool, I love it it so much, it is so sick…. Just like my mom. Oh I’m so sorry, didn’t mean to make things weird… That’s what my mom said after she told us the news. Man I’m such a Debbie downer, you’re probably saying in your head.

“You should just leave.”

That was the last thing I said to my mom. It’s my fault that she died in such a horrid manner, to be cursed out by your own son must of been the worst, I’m sorry mom.

2095: What Will The Future Be Like?

The world is doomed.

What I mean is that your mom will eat the world in the near future. Nothing will be able to stop her, your mom is an unstoppable force. Your mom can consume the whole entire planet in seconds, faster than you can blink, faster than you can even process the situation of what just happened. How do I know this… It may be your mom, but it is also mine. Crazy to think about, our mom is the fall of mankind, not war, not natural causes, our mom, man that’s crazy… Your mom is so fat.

What I’m Doing Right and What I can Still do Better

I play video games so good that I can make your mother quake. Trust me on this, I can process situations at a rate 10 times higher than you stupid humans. Place me in any game and I’ll beat you no matter what, it doesn’t matter how long you have been playing, how good you are, or how many arms you have because I will always win. Wait a minute, is that a console peasant I am hearing, here, let me educate you. PCs are the master-race get that in your head and let me tell you something else, I’m your God.



Who am I as a writer?

I like to think that I have thought of cool concepts in my spare time but most likely, in reality, it’s probably just some Avengers ripoff. There is also another problem, I don’t know how to write a well-constructed story. What I mean is that I don’t know how to express characters all too well, I don’t know how to make them talk properly, I just suck at being a story writer. One more thing, they take too long, as someone who’s not too fond of essays, I’d rather spend my time reading a good story than writing a bad one.

My Reading Journey

I’ve haven’t read a book in years, I know the knowledge that they contain but I never took the full time to read. I don’t think I can get into reading, why, well because I can’t read. I was enlightened at the young age of five when I was brought into the world of literature. The man who was my teacher was a very fine man. He took me in before the war of Chumash, I was under his care, I was loved. The first book he tried to teach me was about a curious monkey, just like me, small and fragile. It was wonderful time in my long life.