whats on my mind

on the 27th of November a rapper by the name of schoolboy q is coming to Salt Lake City Utah to preform a concert at the complex recently i been listening to him but i cant afford to go so right now i’m trying to save up some money so i will be able to go but i still have to beg my parents to go i asked and they said no because they thought it was an 18+ concert and they didn’t let me explain but i really hope i’ll be able to go                         this is a picture of schoolboy q

what does this story have to do with me

so two days ago the 49ers played the seahawks the whole first have was grate we were gonna win point after point and then everything stopped Russel Wilson was throwing grate turnover after turnover at the end of the game it was up to our kicker from 43 yards and he made it we went to over time we only had to make a 36 yard field goal and he missed and we lost the game by three points

the story of an hour online discussion

the story of an hour in all honestly i really didn’t like the ending it was straight up trash if i could change the ending i would have left the husband dead and let her take all his stuff and all the property but they decided to kill her off and said she died from the love that kills but besides the ending the rest of the story was nice and interesting  how the for shadowing work with her heart and how Josephine told her that the husband died soft and slowly.

i think the author wanted to show us how it was for a women to live in the 1800 vs now on how the have rights over anything or anyone that there husband owns en tell they die this is what i think shes telling us

who am i as a writer?

i’m not a really good writer but over the years i’ve gotten way better at spelling writing and reading even though i’m not the worst writer i am nowhere near the best but don’t get me wrong i do write and type when i need to put i really don’t enjoy it that much but yeah but i as a writer will do my best to get my writing done when needed


in 2095 the great shake out and the yellow stone volcano will have happens 100,000,000 people have died and more , Wyoming and Utah are nothing but waste land now there are about a 1,000,ooo are still alive but struggling to survive and the military is doing all they can to save people but were running out of supplies like food and water its been a week and we still haven’t herd from the presedent all hope is lost.

what im doing right and what i can still do

im doing good by reading a couple of pages a day and the other week i finished a 200 page book and now im going to start reading new book that a graphic novel. and right now im trying too do my best to turn in all my blogs and assessments so i can keep a good grade in this class and all my other classes. my goal for this year is too keep my grade a C or above so i can prove that ive gotten better in school.

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