The Good Stuff

One of the things I think I’m the most grateful for are my friends. It’s only second term and This year has been better than all the good moments from 7th and 8th grade combined. I finally feel like I found the perfect group who don’t judge me and when we hang out we don’t just sit around we usually do something fun ig haha. I’m also thankful for confidence because i’m starting to care less about wearing makeup and stuff like that because last year I wore the biggest fake eyelashes and it was not a look. Anyways I’m not saying school is fun, but it’s fun to see my friends everyday and personally I like it better than staying home all day. And I’m greatful for travel like vacations and road trips those are always super fun!

3 thoughts on “The Good Stuff

  1. That’s so awesome that you’re feeling more confident in you’re own skin! I have been feeling more confident about my true self this year too!

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