The power of words

Power of words means that like you do what you say or tell someone to do something you want done. Means that you think your better than everyone else.  Your words  could hurt someone if you dont know what your talking about yoou never know if you hurt someone with your words. You really should […]

A little light in the darkness

She brings max some snow balls and she wanted to have a snow ball fight with him but he did not want to because he dose not want to be seen or heard about beacuse if so he will get taken away from the germans. He wants to be a live and not die he […]

on Stealing

I dont think that stealing is bad depends what you steal she in her lil kid gang. Thatz what lil kids know what tto do is steal, She finna get in to big gangsta stuff soon doe.Stealing is good in so many ways it shows you who you are and if you wanna become a […]

are books dangerous?.

I mean ig some books can be but ion know. Some poeple juz say dat too say stuff. Like i mean all mormons think that everything is wrong like nah it aint yall lame. P.s Get a life doe.  I don’t think that books are dangerous you must be crazy to think that. But books […]

The Book Thief So Far…

Iv seen da movie before and it starts just like how the book did. I relly like the book so far its getting good. I think that they will have a big war with some other jews and all the other people. The dad and mom are good but the mom is really mean. But […]

what would it be like

It must be hard for here i know what its like iv been in the same place as her.  She has been going through a lot of stuff and thats not really good for a young kid like that. If i was her i would just stay alone in my room never talk to anyone […]

What i look for in a good character

I think that a good character has to have a main part. They should tell you about him in the first part of da book so you kinda know about him/her/It.  They should have some crazy parts and like some sad parts thats what makes a good book that i think. They should be rude […]

book review of a monster calls.

I think that it was a good book at the first part then when it got more in to the end i did not think that it was so good any more. I dont think that he should have had to go move in with hus grandma he should have got to chose where he […]

On not being seen

He wants to be seen so people will be friends with him i think that he really wants to be freinds with people because he is losing lots of people and wants to get more people in his life so that he is not a lone. He is pushing lily way becuase she told lots […]