Secret’s secret’s Are no fun

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The days we live in are way different then how it was back then but Today i feel like kids keep a ton of secrets, But there’s always that one secret that you don’t want anyway to know. But lets be honest we all have secrets that we don’t want anyone to know. Yes I’ve had some secrets, We have all have been told secrets and people that tell you not to tell anyone, sometimes they tell everyone but I’m not saying everyone does that cause not everyone does do that. But MR. GREEN SAID, “don’t keep secret’s cause it keeps power from people that can help”.

What happened with the sub.

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Our class was good but we were all talking including myself so listen, i had a marker in my hand while we were doing our work and i started to flip it and i did it like 10 times then i stop because she asked me too, but some time went on and i started to talk and getting off topic and i was talking with others cause i was kinda confused with my work and i was lost on my work. So i kept talking with some people and all of the sudden she started to talk at me with a loud voice so i got back to work but i started to talk again cause i couldn’t stay on task cause they was a lot of noise witch i was making noises too by talking. But then she came around with a piece of paper and had everyone right down there name but for some reason i didn’t get to so i ask and she said i wasn’t listing when she asked me to stop i listened but i kept getting off topic but i couldn’t stay on topic cause i would get distracted so she said i was being bad so there’s my reason.

Self Assessment

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Self assessment is when you can see the attitudes in other but self assessment can be very helpful in certain ways like in writing papers or even texting i think. But it can also be learning new jobs or learning new things that can aply to our life. In papers there can be parts that aren’t really the best so if we use the self assessment on that part we can make that paper better. We can find those weak spots and make them better and have them make more sense. self assessment can help us to understand the gaps in the paper

Courage and Integrity

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Someone that I think is Courageous is my brother. My brothers name is Talmage and I think that He is courageous  because he always does the right thing will help anyone that is having trouble with something either personally things or things that that person have to do in there daily life’s. For example if my friend was having a hard time trying to make the right decision or not knowing what to do in that situation my brother would do anything to help and help them do whats right. That’s why i think my brother Talmage is courageous But who do you think is courageous? 

climbing into another person’s skin

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When he said to climb into his skin he went to see it in different ways like the ways other people can see it and understand it. Have you ever had a time when you looked at someones perspective and then you understand it after you look at it? Well i have, one time my friends and i went to the trails and my friend said something an i didn’t understand it at all. But my friend said come here and i did he said look at it this way and i saw the way he did and all of the sudden i totally got it and understood it. It’s just crazy how from going to not understanding at all to you completly  understanding it. Image result for understanding

the sticky issue of equality

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To me being treated fair is a good thing its like saying if i was to work all day and there’s a different guy that’s just sitting around doing nothing and he gets paid more than, isn’t fair right? i feel like being treated equal is a good think being we all get what we want in the end. But ya some times life isn’t fair and some of us aren’t treated the same. being treated fairly is one of the best things out there. Ya some of us don’t get what sounds fair to us. But by the law everyone should be treated right. 

Tell Me About It

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Right now the thing that’s on my mind is mountain biking. mountain biking right now is pretty much over because its starting to get really cold and stuff. The season is already over but that’s not gonna stop me from going outside to go ride some trails. The PG mountain biking team did awesome this year we won some things and lost some things but that’s how sports work. I had a lot of fun that season and maybe doing it next year. mountain biking is a great sport but,I’ve found dirt biking to be more fun and challenging and more fun to do.Image result for mountain biking

What Am I Reading?

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right now Im reading the lightning Thief. The reason why i choose this book is because people told me it is a great book and i would like it. This book wasn’t what i think it would be i thought that it would be more exsiting. but what i like about it is that its a book that i would read again even though i didn’t really like it but i would read it again. This book is about This kid named Percy Jackson and he get kicked out of a high school again. but he says it the worst of his troubles. He was big trouble and he hated school.Image result for percy jackson

what kind of a writter am i

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For me i love to joke around and make it funny. I like to make it a short but super funny stories i don’t like to be serious. It also depends on what the story is about, and what mood i’m in. Some people like their story’s scrary but i’m not type of writter that wants to scare people. With mt story’s i like it to the point where your on the floor laughing so hard. i feel like for story’s there sometimes need to be about your normal life or just funny times in life you’ve had. The end

why do we read stories?

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Why  do we read stories? i think we read stories because so we can calm down or when we are stressed out. Stories can help with anxiety or if we want to sit down and relax, also it can entertain us or if we want to have a laugh. it can take our minds off things that can make us sad and stories can change some peoples lives. To some people reading a hobby and do it daily, it can also help to look forward and help your learning and can make why reading improve. To me reading is very time consuming and i would rather go mountain biking or dirt bike riding or just go walk up a mountain.

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