In the article I read about Seoul, South Korea, it talked about the culture of the city back in the 80’s up until now through a little group of shops. An alleyway of the busy city is filled with Clocks, I know at first it sounds crazy, but it is not, each of the little shops are time pieces in history. They fix clocks and watches, old, new, wood, metal. All of it. The shops are so tiny that the owners decided to hang the merchandise Can be hung on the walls outside. The shops have been there since the 1980’s. The culture of the city is preserved in the soul of these shops. They are dwindling down but will haves have the heart of the culture. Each shop has rare and old watches.

The issues that are in this article are that the new businesses in the  area want to tear down the building and get rid of  the  little shops. The article states that the shops owners own the ground beneath the shops for generations.  Another issue is that the culture is changing. Some say it is good others say its bad. For me its both, because its good to keep our ancestors culture while adding new improvements and traditions.

The impact for us is to look at our  traditions and culture to see what we are changing and what we should preserve.

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