Im a Big Kid Now!

Over this year i have learned a lot of things almost advancing my past knowledge in every way to overcome the obstacles of 9th grade from math to english. It was good to meet and know all these other kids and learn their stories. Going into 10th grade feels like an accomplishment all by its self, moving up in grades means your also moving up in life closer to your hopes, dreams, and a bunch of other sappy crap. Been a good ride Mr. Green, but this is the last official class period of english  and to all the other marvel fans:

Secret Secrets Are No Fun; Secret Secrets Hurt Someone

Sometimes even just saying a secret allowed allows you to feel less weight. Also secrets can and 99% of the time will come back to bite you, you might not even know it. In Romeo And Juliet Capulet is super chill about Romeo and if Juliet were to have asked him for marriage he very likely would have said yes. Keeping secrets not only hurts you but also hurts others around because of information that you have but they don’t. Don’t close who you talk to, take that and spread to groups of friends and family, if its family 10 times out of ten they will always take your side and help you.

Love Moderately

When Friar Lawrence told Romeo to love moderately, he means still to lover her but not to the point of death. Its good advice because he barely knows Juliet and they take it at a moderate rate. Romeo and Juliet do not take his advice and end up killing themselves over each other because they took it to far. If they wanted to love moderately Romeo would have asked Juliet’s father for his permission instead of her sneaking out in the night to get illegally married. I do not think they are moderate people as they make decisions to quick and sloppy.


In the story of Romeo and Juilet. 2 Teenage lovers die over each other for reasons of love, pressure, and tying into their family’s feud. Instead of being civilized and loving their parents only made it harder for them and everyone else. I dislike people strongly over this and hate that they would assume to fast and not make rational decisions and only jump to the conclusion. I like people though that are good, honest, and hard working people who do whats right and to make light in the world. I dislike people like Tybalt though, as they only can focus on hate and grief and are blindsighted and have the need to kill good people.


While Shakespeare can be good to read, but that’s if you lived in a early time of earth. Shakespeare’s books were written in the late 1500’s almost 500 years ago! We shouldn’t be reading books like that as is as they can be tedious and hard to understand and read. As Shakespeare was meant to be heard and exaggerated. Also we should be working on creativity and Problem Solving. Lastly the concepts taught in it are old and hardly to not at all relatible today and is severly outdated, while today in 2019 there are much better authors and books that teach the same if not better and are much better at showing concepts and easier to read and to reflect.

Everything I Know or Think I Know About Shakespeare

I have heard of Shakespeare and know the names of a few of his plays but, have never seen or read one because i’m more into books about heroes and action that are more modern to say. Shakespeare may be very good  i just cant judge a book by its cover. I expect to get better with my grammer, reading skills, and puncutiation. learing Shakespheare will help me to possibly read more books and be more social interactive about books and other things related to them and the knowledge we can get out of them.

Self Assessment

I think its good to know how to assess your own work so that you can make it more detailed with using fewer works and being able to use correct punctation, grammer, and think of new ideas and concepts to talk about in essays. It can help outside of school like writing your job application or becoming a lawyer or 100 other things. Being able to assess your work will help you to get better and be more aware of others around you and that they can help you to grow your arguments and details so you can get better grades and be a better writer in the future.

How I will Dominate During Term 4

Looking back at term 3 I am super proud of bringing all of my grades to a’s I did really well in Math and English but could do better in my science class. My goal for the end of the year is to get a 4.0 for term 4 and and get better grades in Math and English. It would be awesome to get 4.00 for 4th term  another goal i have for 4th term is to get more active in classes and participate with more ideas and concepts in class discussions and get all 4’s when doing assignments in english.

How I Feel About To Kill a Mockingbird

I feel like overall this is a decent book. The beginning i feel though was somewhat dull and seemed like an informational book. Once the pace of the book catches up though it has a decent plot with stories that make you wonder, be angry, and sad. I would probably not recommend this book for two reasons. One, you have to read it anyway for english, and two because its a long book and the attitude and the mark the book makes you can find in the film with less detail. Lastly the book takes place in the 1930’s so its hard to relate to the book when its 2019 almost a full century from when this took place.

Good Stuff from To Kill A Mockingbird

The quote i liked is “just as much Maycomb County as missionary teas”

Atticus says this to Jem after the trial. He is telling Jem, Maycomb accuses and convicts every black person to step in the courtroom that may be innocent, convicted guilty. He is saying also it happens so much it is important as a missionary’s tea, Adding to that quote comes in with another that says “It’s just a baby-step, but it’s a step” atticus is pointing out that Maycomb is changing step by step towards a future where everyone is equal and a fair trail can be conducted. lastly its just saying how racist Maycomb is towards black people is super important to them because they dont want to fall out of line and see the consiquences