How I will Dominate During Term 4

Looking back at term 3 I am super proud of bringing all of my grades to a’s I did really well in Math and English but could do better in my science class. My goal for the end of the year is to get a 4.0 for term 4 and and get better grades in Math and English. It would be awesome to get 4.00 for 4th term  another goal i have for 4th term is to get more active in classes and participate with more ideas and concepts in class discussions and get all 4’s when doing assignments in english.

How I Feel About To Kill a Mockingbird

I feel like overall this is a decent book. The beginning i feel though was somewhat dull and seemed like an informational book. Once the pace of the book catches up though it has a decent plot with stories that make you wonder, be angry, and sad. I would probably not recommend this book for two reasons. One, you have to read it anyway for english, and two because its a long book and the attitude and the mark the book makes you can find in the film with less detail. Lastly the book takes place in the 1930’s so its hard to relate to the book when its 2019 almost a full century from when this took place.

Good Stuff from To Kill A Mockingbird

The quote i liked is “just as much Maycomb County as missionary teas”

Atticus says this to Jem after the trial. He is telling Jem, Maycomb accuses and convicts every black person to step in the courtroom that may be innocent, convicted guilty. He is saying also it happens so much it is important as a missionary’s tea, Adding to that quote comes in with another that says “It’s just a baby-step, but it’s a step” atticus is pointing out that Maycomb is changing step by step towards a future where everyone is equal and a fair trail can be conducted. lastly its just saying how racist Maycomb is towards black people is super important to them because they dont want to fall out of line and see the consiquences

Blind Spots


The way Atticus describes a good man is sometimes how he should be. Atticus describes a good man as a man who brings more good into this world then he takes out. Also that sometimes we all just get angry and like in this case want to kill someone. While it may be a bad thing, Atticus describes this a “blind Spot” or a fault in that person. So instead of judging that person and what he is doing Atticus rates him on how overall good or bad he is. Lastly Walter Cunningham having more good in his heart then bad left when he realized he was making a mistake.

Real Courage

I think real courage is not our attitude and our body language but our will to do it and overcome the task at hand. Having courage also means overcoming our fears, meaning that really we only have to fear, fear itself. 100% we should always be courageous because if we are not we wont get anywhere in life. It also means to have self confidence in ourselves that we can do it. It lastly means to have strength in the face of pain and grief, like in circumstances of a loved one dying or another important life event and to stand instead of falling.

Climbing Into Another Person’s Skin

I think when Atticus told Scout to climb into someone else’s skin, he was telling her to feel for other people. That can even just be realizing that they are human and to treat them as such and not as dirt like Scout did. Its also realizing that they have or are going through tough times and that they deal with things that might seem strange but really they are not. Lastly, its just knowing that when you say or do something to them they are human to and have emotions, and they should be treated as you wanted to be.

Beliefs and Actions

Its a weird idea thinking that will all see the world slightly different perspectives and some people notice things while not others. and other people seeing the opposite. Everyone sees through their “Belief Window” its almost like a set of rules from the atmosphere they grew up and use use to this day. Everyone has and always have different religions and circumstances that they face and that also effects their belief window. Everyone’s window is based off there actions, memory’s, relatives, family etc. Lastly we need to know of their existence because sometimes it means we need to take a look at ourselves and make a change.

1% Gain

I could and want to improve on my grades, a 1% percent grade change could bring you from a B to an A. We all have things on our lives that need that 1% boost but getting good grades really impacts your life. As much as relying on a letter sucks it really is worth making that 1% change, as Mr. Green said it can slowly help you improve or slowly deny it and let yourself sink. Also it changes our attitude and our parents as well and can benefit ours and theirs perspective of you. And Help you make a change in the world.

Literature Review

The book Im reviewing is a concept of what the new movie coming out, Spiderman into the Spiderverse. It is about how a kid named Miles Morales who gets Spidermans powers in another dimension, but once Ray labs opens a dimension to another dimension along with Peter Parker, OR more commonly known as Spiderman. The Story was overall super good but had a ton of word misspelled and was a little rushed. It although was a cool concept of Spiderman in a new way. Also the second page needs a little more detail about what is going on. Lastly taking place in Brooklyn instead of Queens is awesome path instead of the same old Spiderman Story.

Tell Me About It

Today the thing i have been really thinking about is why does everyday this week still feel like blasted monday….. All i really want to right now is put some shorts on and play fallout, and i cant wait to go home and just take a load off. Today though i feel like school just dragges on and on almost like the day has no end, and when you finally finish the 6 hours and 45 minutes then go and sit and do homework for another hour or so. The last and best thing i cant wait for is 2 hour church meetings. 🙂