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blog #4 blayde

In the great city of bagdad there is a great ruler. The people of the city loved there ruler , but there was a small secret about him. Every after noon him and his trusted vizier would disguise them selves as merchants and roam the city to listen to the talk and gossip of the people. As they were roaming this man offered them a small box magic powder. Not really thinking much of it he takes the box and moves on . Later in the day the calif and the vizier stop at a lake and decide to try there magic powder. They are now turned into storks and fly over the city learning much more about the city he rules with a new perspective from the sky. They later stop to rest and try to reverse the spell but it doesn’t work . The city then realizes how there ruler has gone missing and guards are sent to go look for them. Later word gets out of the missing ruler the califs brother then comes claiming to be sent by the gods as a new ruler of the city and take place of his missing brother. The calif watches in shock as his brother takes over the city he once ruled and loved. He then gives up and wanders into the forest with his trusted vizier to live there fate. They then come across a lonely wood pecker crying . She then says she was once a princess who was cursed as they are by a mysterious man . And the only way to reverse her curse is to be offered marriage by a man. she then tells them that a group of sorcerers met every after noon in this clearing. They decide to go over and investigate and watch there meeting. To there surprise the califs brother shows up meeting the sorcerers and asking how they put the curse onto his brother . in the conversation the calif then hears him say the magic word to reverse the spell . They then ride off back to the city.  The calif and his trusted vizier are in shock with what they just witnessed and then say the magic word to finally reverse the spell they turn back into human form . He then asked the woodpecker to marry him turning her back into human form as well. then together go back to the city were they are greatly welcomed by the city people . The ruler then had his brother captured and sent far far away . now back in control of is city him and his new wife rule the city together .   then ending in “The calif saw much more than we, But how much more does allah see”.

At the end of the story it has a quote about allah and in there culture is the supreme god.

in the story it talked about how when the leader was a bird flying and observing his city he learned so much more of the people and could see things that he normally couldn’t from being human on the ground. it basav


blog #3 blayde

The city of mosul major city in iraq with a population of 1.5 million people and is the last major territory under isis control , isis’s last stand . The iraqi government as well as the us are planning there last siege to take over the city from isis. with the goal to librate the city and free them from fear. isis is well prepared and willing to fight till the death to keep control of the city. the main worry with the siege is the safety of civilians.

the main issue is that isis is controlling the city through fear and the reason isis wants to hold in to this city is the large majority of oil in the surrounding area . mosul is also a huge hub in iraq with many transportation routes going through the city . isis has been on everyones radar over the past years and is main talk of the town. most people do know about the problems going on iraq but mostly about terrorist  issues.


post #2 backround

the population of iran is around 80 million people  . thats a lot

the countrys capital is Tehran with 8.6 million people living there

iafahan is in central iran and is known for its architecture

irans major language spoken is persian

about 28 percent of the country is unemployed and have a peverty rate of 8.1 percent. fertillty rate is 1.7

the central relegion here is islam


curencey rial

iraq blayde

I chose iraq for my country

I picked this country because i had last picks and it seemed the most interesting

i want to learn more about the country because we see it in our own version and maybe its not as what it seems

maybe how the country is and whats problems it has and see if its how the us pictures it

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