The Good Stuff

I am grateful for my life!! Everyone in my life tought me something at least once. I am grateful that I get to go home after school eat, play games, go outside hae fun! I am grateful that I am one in 7 billion, which means no one can be me not even a clone version of me because there will always be something different. I happy with what I got I don’t need nothing new I got what I need a family, a home, friends, I got stuff that not everyone has and why should I not be grateful for that. My life is amazing during the sad and the great times no matter what I am learning. You got one life don’t blow it thinking about what you don’t have because right then and there you don’t even know what you got. You can be the unluckiest person and still have the happy times in your life. Don’t be someone your not be someone you were born to be, nothing is impossible if you put your mind to it. I know who ever reads this can and will succeed because I know you don’t want be someone who lives a regret. Are deepest fear is that we are power full beyond measure.

2 thoughts on “The Good Stuff

  1. I like how you’re grateful for the simple things in life, because it’s not the huge things in life that make us happy, it’s just the small and simple things. And I agree 100% that every single person has something to be grateful for.

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