We all have that one friend that just makes you mad or just plain out annoyed, I used to have a friend and he was mountain biking buddy, but he got seriously so annoying i could barely be around the kid. When we would o on rides he would sit there and just talk about how he had the better bike but what he couldn’t get threw his small head is, its not about the bike its about the bike. But he would sit there and brag and it would make me mad so i told him to shut up and he obliviously didn’t listen and just kept going on and on. I was so sick of it so i started to slow down with out him noticing so that i could just turn around and so he was about 1 mile ahead and i was like perfect time to leave so i did and like 30 minutes later i got a phone call from him and i don’t think I’ve ever herd that much swear words in one sentence in my life but i just let him get his angry out and i just hung up and went home and ever since that day i haven’t seem him but he moved so that’s why i haven’t seen him but ya that’s who i strongly dislike Haha.

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