How I feel about the veldt

I feel like the veldt was a waste of time. I could of been doing so much other things during that time , like not wasting my time reading a story about how some kid’s killed their parents. I could of been playing Minecraft or I could of finished Farcry 5. I could have been dreaming about me being a unstoppable god of destruction. And in the dream there could of been a dope battle of me vs Shrek. But then right as i’m about to kill Shrek, a sphere comes out of nowhere and goes through my chest. Then I would look up only to see Shaggy from Scooby Doo. Then Ricardo and all the other gods show up. Then it’s me vs all the god’s. The dream would’ve ended with me killing Shrek, (God of God’s) but all the god’s would have killed me in the end. Now that dream wouldn’t be a waste of time if it happened. Because if it happened, I would have been enjoying it. But I didn’t enjoy reading “The Veldt”, it was a waste of time.

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