Technology friend or foe?

I think technology is alright, I mean it’s made things easier. The only people it hurts is the ones that can not handle it. If you are one of the people that can’t handle it then it might be a foe for you. But for me, I like technology. When I get bored I could go on my xbox and play games, even though it is a waste of time. But at least it is something I like doing. Besides, what else is there to do at my house. Technology is friend but only for the people that could take it. Also Austin sucks. Not Austin Mathews. He is pretty cool. I’m talking about the other Austin with blonde hair.

How I feel about the veldt

I feel like the veldt was a waste of time. I could of been doing so much other things during that time , like not wasting my time reading a story about how some kid’s killed their parents. I could of been playing Minecraft or I could of finished Farcry 5. I could have been dreaming about me being a unstoppable god of destruction. And in the dream there could of been a dope battle of me vs Shrek. But then right as i’m about to kill Shrek, a sphere comes out of nowhere and goes through my chest. Then I would look up only to see Shaggy from Scooby Doo. Then Ricardo and all the other gods show up. Then it’s me vs all the god’s. The dream would’ve ended with me killing Shrek, (God of God’s) but all the god’s would have killed me in the end. Now that dream wouldn’t be a waste of time if it happened. Because if it happened, I would have been enjoying it. But I didn’t enjoy reading “The Veldt”, it was a waste of time.

What Iv’e Been Reading

“we’ve spent roughly 240 minutes reading together. That’s 4 hours!” 4 hours of wasted time. What have I been reading you ask. I’ll tell you what iv’e been reading. Iv’e been reading a book series that got old about 1 year ago. It’s the same old thing over and over. It gets boring after awhile. Kinda like those songs that just repeat the chorus over and over. Except in this case it’s about some losers that go on a quest from a prophecy. And they keep running into the same problems. Try and guess what it is? I’m gonna put the answer in the next paragraph so you have a chance to guess.

The answer is the Percy Jackson series. But i’m reading the second series. I could of been playing scribblenauts for those 4 hours. I could’ve made a thousand wars. But no. Instead of doing something I like to do for 4 hours, I had to read a book from a series that got old last year.

2095: What Will the Future Be Like?

I think 76 years from now either the earth will be covered with no water due to global warming or my generation will raise their kids to be more sensitive then we are now. I mean right now you could charged with assault for hugging a women and giving her a compliment. You can’t even wrestle anymore. Unless you count barley tapping someone once as wrestling. People are gonna be so sensitive that you’ll get sent to the principals office just for telling someone to shut up. Heck, that happens all the time. All the time. It’s gonna be like the giver but instead of there being no emotions, there is gonna be a lot of helpless babies who can’t take a joke.

What I’m Doing Right And What I Can Do Better

What i’m doing right is nothing, but i’m not really doing anything wrong either. Except that one time when I yelled at the kid for walking slow. But that was his fault. Actually it is not his fault that he doesn’t know how to walk. Or maybe he does know how to walk and he just ran for 30 minutes and is just really tired. But then again it would be his fault because he’s the one that chose to run for 30 minutes. But then there’s the possibility that he didn’t even run for 30 minutes. I don’t know. Was it his fault, or not his fault? You decide. Oh shoot I got off topic. I guess what I can do better is stop yelling at kids for walking slow. Unless it’s their fault. Then I could yell at them right?

Who Am I As A Writer

I honestly hate writing, it’s boring and a waste of time. When I was in first grade my teacher let me write dope stories, and I was super good at it. But as I got older my lame teachers started making me write lame stories and useless articles that no ones even gonna read. Unlike my dope stories I wrote as a 1st grader. They were so cool with explosions and stuff. Now my teachers make me write lame boring things like this post. They make me make a 1,000,000,000 word article with logic and reasons plus a explanation.  If my teachers let me write something that I actually want to write then maybe i’d write it.