i hate to kill a mockingbird i really don’t have a reason to hate it i just to it is just so annoying and the story-line is so stupid it did not meet my expulsions of what a true book is it was not good in any way there is nothing anyone can say to get me to like this book that is how bad it is I will never read this book agen

what i lerned about people

im still antyshosle and i still cep to myself i lerd some thing about my classmats tho but i know nothing still an i wont have a vary long post cuz i dont need to type 100 words about how i know nothing about any one i dont see a pont to that but i still would like to know more about people

what i dont know about the people in this class

i really don’t know about anyone is this class i don’t talk to anyone i really just stay to myself i am just there i really don’t know about the people in this class and i don’t know if i ever will there are a couple that i used to be friends with but that doesn’t matter anymore but i just don’t know anyone in this class.  

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Work Will Work When Wishy Washy Wishing Will Not

i rilly did not have a gole for this year i just wanted to pass and so far i did i have a B- but that is prittle good for me and i gess my gole for this year is just to pass english i have alwas ben bad at english i rilly did not pass english 7 and 8 grade but i think im going to be able to pass this year i don’t know how i just dont want to go to summer school ao i gess that is my motovosion for this year sorry in bad at speling by Image result for gole

To Kill a Mockingbird Review

the book:  To Kill a Mockingbird so the book is about how jem scouts brother broke his arm.  what i think about  To Kill a Mockingbird i don’t like the book or the move it starts of boring  and it ends boring. the move is so far off the book. there is a tone of stuff missing from the book to the move. the book/move does not live up to what people say about it. i rilly don’t have a risen to hate it i just do and that is all that i can say with out giving way any soplers

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Real Courage

real courage from google. “The ability to do something that frightens one.” that is the def of Courage i don’t know what  to put down

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from google Persistence is “firm or obstinate continuance in a course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition” i dont know what to tipe down for this…..

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