The Sticky Issue of Equality

Equality is when you treat every one you know with the same respect, kindness, etc.  If things were truly equal then it would not matter what side of the bus white or black people sit/sat.  I think that every one has a role in equality because we need each others help to treat other with the same equality. In order to truly feel equal to some one else then they would need to be almost the same as you, with the same amount of money friends and every thing else. Equality is when people have balanced things and they are treated the same way.

Literature Review

This was a very good story and I love how the author took something that people don’t normally think about and made it into something interesting. This story is more of a fantasy story, so for those folks out there that like this stuff it is very good. I would give it a 4 star recommendation. This story is about a cloud kingdom and the main character is trying to find out how to become an amazing warrior. He goes on a long quest to understand what his uncle went through and how to get better. The author is supper good at painting an accurate picture of what he wants you to think.

Tell Me About It

This has been on my mind about 5 months ago and ever since. SUPER SMASH BROS ULTIMATE IS COMING OUT ON THE SWITCH ON DEC. 7! There are so many new characters that have been added and the solo looks much better than what the old solo was. All the smash moves are different to and so many things are new and have changed. I am most likely going to pre-order the game on cyber Monday so that it does not cost as much. They have added more assist trophies and characters, there are now more assist trophies than Pokemon. I can’t wait until it gets to my front door.!

What I’m Reading

Right now I am reading a book called Wings of Fire, Legends of Darkstalker and I think it is really good but I do suggest reading it after book 10 because by then you know who he is. The reason I am reading this book is because I wanted to find out more about Darkstalker’s back story and why he acts the way that he does. So far it have met all expectations, but I am not very far into the book. One thing that I don’t like is that it switches between lots of characters during the very beginning. All I know about it is that the night wing tribe has special powers that they keep secret. I would give this book a 4 out of 5 and would suggest it to anyone.   (=

Who Am I as a Reader

For me I am a good reader I just can’t find much time to actually read my books. And when I finish a series I have no clue what else to read for fun, especially during summer fore example I finish rereading all the series that I have in my house and don’t have any thing else to read because my family doesn’t like to go to the library very often. So some things that I think I could work on is getting my family to the library more and use the school library for books during the school year. And over time I will become a faster and more adequate reader.

How I Did in First Term

I think that I did quite well for the work that I did. I still think that I can improve in some other categories that we practiced but I still got an A. One thing that I could work on is getting a better personification because I did not understand that type of figurative language as well as some other types that we worked on. I will know that I have completed this when I feel comfortable in this category. A personal goal is that I want to be able to juggle a soccer ball at least 25 times to get a better ball control skill.

The Power of Words

Whenever I read I get caught up in the story because the authors use lots of gripping words and personalities. They use the characters emotions to help you understand what the character is thinking. This also creates a sense of familiarity with the characters in the book. The author could tell the reader something that the characters in the story don’t know then it makes the reader worry about the character because you know what is going to happen but they don’t. When you use a variety of words then people get more interested in what is going on and they get a wider vocabulary.

What Kind of a Writer am I?

I think that the hardest part for me when writing is the very beginning when I don’t know what to write. But once I get started on writing what I want to write then I get going pretty smooth. I also think that I have improved a great amount at getting the reader to be interested in the story that I wrote. I have often taken other stories that I know and alter them a little so that I have something to go off of. One thing that I need to improve on is all the authors moves, I need to be able to do them with a little less thought and make them come more naturally.

How I felt about the first story

I read the “sniper by Liam O’Flaherty”. This story was a surprise ending type of story and it was a very surprising ending. But my favorite part in it was when the sniper was using his brain to get his enemy to show himself. He used his gun and hat to make it look like his head was poking up to shoot the enemy. his enemy shot the hat and thought that he had killed his man.  The enemy came out of his hiding spot and the sniper ended up shooting him to win this mini battle. I loved how clever the sniper was at this point in time.

What I look for in a good character

I would say that a good character is built up with background stories and events in their life. You also have to know what the character has gone through and their trials and challenges that they face and even their personality. For example in the series Wings Of Fire The author builds up on the characters story each book and you learn more about their perspective on things that are happening. It also makes a good character when you can relate to things that they have done. In Wings Of Fire each book is switching the persons that is narrating the story.

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