im kinda late to this so i dont really get this poem very much but what im thinking when i read this is this guy was super deep into thought and wrote down a poem. when i’m reading it it sounds kinda gross so no i did not like the poem. It is kinda interesting how he explains everything in the poem then at the end he says or does it explode i havent heard that in very many poems before. also i like how short the poem is because if it is super long im not going to read the hole poem just because i can.

The Limits of Empathy

Empathy is very important for us because it makes sure that we can feel what others feel and at least sort of know what they are going through. i think without empathy the world would be alot worse off because people would never understand what you feel so that can cause problems and then more and more problems. The problem now is people feel empathy but then make up excuses to them self of why not to help the person or why not to care what they are feeling for example seeing a homeless person you might tell yourself oh he will just buy drugs or alcohol.

Blind spots

In the story when Atticus tells the kids, “‘Mr. Cunningham’s basically a good man,’ he said, ‘he just has his blind spots along with the rest of us. what i think he is saying is they think they are doing something good but what they are actually doing is bad. So when they are trying to kill the black guy what they think they are doing is getting rid of a criminal but they are not thinking about what if he is innocent and the person that accused him is telling a lie. they are probably also thinking about helping the person who accused him to not have to deal with him.



Real Courage

In the book To Kill A Mockingbird when it is talking about courage it says “I wanted you to see what real courage is, instead of getting the idea that courage is a man with a gun in his hand. It’s when you know you’re licked before you begin but you begin anyway and you see it through no matter what. You rarely win, but sometimes you do”. This is a great quote because what it is saying is anyone can have a gun or any one can say something but it takes courage to shoot that gun or to take action on something. its easy to say something but to actually do the thing and not give up on the way takes courage because you will run into bumps and it will be hard to keep going but in the end its worth it because you did actually did it.



I think a small reason he still wants to take the case is because he knows he will get more experience, but the main reason is his reputation might go up even if he loses because people know no matter what race they are they at least have some one who will represent them and will try to do a good job at it. I think it is good to know for people if you have some one representing you no matter how small of chance you have at winning you still have a chance and that gives them hope.


Busy Worrying About the Next World

In the book to kill a mockingbird i think what they are talking about “sometimes the Bible in the hand of one man is worse than a whiskey bottle in the hand of’ a man like Atticus. She then says”there are just some kind of men who–who’re so busy worrying about the next world they’ve never learned to live in this one.”  is some people can get the read the bible and miss interpret it so they might think that what is actually good is bad and what is bad is actually good so this can cause big problems with people thinking they are doing good when they are relay not. But if that same person had a bottle of  whiskey they wouldn’t be doing bad to others just them self.


Climbing Into Another Person’s Skin

In the book to kill a mocking bird it is scouts first day at school and so far the first day hasn’t gone very good because scout is throwing curve balls to try and make the teacher and others to stumble. That’s when Atticus says tells scout that he should climb into people skin and walk around in it, What he means by this is Scout should see their perspective and that will help him get along with people better. This is a rely good life tip also because if you don’t try to see what other people see you aren’t going to see world problems or communicate with others in a meaning full way.


Where I’m From

I don’t relay know much about where my ancestors came from other then we basically all started out in England. I don’t know exactly how long ago they long they lived on this continent but i know for sure my grandparents on my dads side and my dad grew up in Canada and my grandparents on my moms side and my mom grew up in the USA. That’s all i relay know about them. Living with my family has been pretty cool because my great grandma here in Utah is 100 years old now and one of my great grandmas in Canada is 102 years old now but the one in Canada still get up and cleans her house at 4 in the morning so when people come to clean she just talks to them the whole time so that’s kinda funny and my last great grandma is just 88 i think.


Getting to Know My Inner Voice

My inner voice doesn’t do much most of the time in just thinking about the story we are reading and for the most part it helps out because i’m asking questions about the story in my mind and that keeps it relevant. I think that the reason out minds are always going is because we are just wired like that. I think that if out brains didn’t have a inner voice we wouldn’t be able to do any tasks so even though it can sometimes be distracting it can also help us get more interested in the story through connections to our real life experiences.

What Would I Miss Most

If i lived in the 1930’s i think i would miss being able to have entertainment when ever i wanted so basically i would miss my phone also you wouldn’t have very much education of anything except how to work on farms or how to find simple hard labor jobs so i would miss being able to learn and get a good well paying job in the future so i can have more fun in my life. Basically i would miss everything about the current world that didn’t exist back then. the only thing i would like better is not having such tight rules on what goes on at school like if you fight now you get suspended back then you would just carry on with your day.