adventurers wanted book review


This book is about Alex Taylor who lives with his stepfather and stepbrother. unlike most stories his stepfather isn’t evil but just angers quickly then apologizes later one day he walks into a bookshop with a strange sign and finds a new world full of dragons and monsters and wizards. then finds out he is a wizard and more. I really liked this book because it had lots of action and adventure. This book has friendships and hard times and is really good.

Book Report on Eldest

Eldest by Christopher Paolini is the second book in the inheritance series after Eragon and followed by brisinger. This good book is about how eragon continues his training as dragon rider with the mysterious Itto watta the mourning sage. Eragon will go to elsmera the capital of the Elves with Arya to meet him. I like this book and this series because its not like other series where every book or two is a story with this one all four books join together seamlessly. This book has lots of action and surprises but then lows intensity parts that are just as interesting. My favorite character is Angelina the witch herbalist because she always knows everything and she kind of seems like she could easily defeat the entire enemy but doesn’t because its not her place. I highly reccomend this book and series to everyone that is old enough to understand.

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