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Free! Body and Soul Free!

So many things can make a person feel trapped, whether its something as simple as parents saying you can’t go hang out or something as complicated as abuse and everything that comes with that. Being or feeling trapped can and usually is the most stressful you can be going through and it can be hard to escape or finally feel free. I feel most trapped by things that I’m going through or people I care about are going through that I have no control over and can’t help, honestly being in these situations sucks a lot but taking a step back to breathe or just taking a break from what’s happening if possible can help a lot to feel more free.


The Story I Enjoyed Most or Disliked the Least

For the first story I picked I read The Sound of Thunder, which although it was a tad dramatic overall I think I disliked it the least. In the story there is a time travel hunting agency that allows you to go to anytime in the past to hunt any animal you want which I think is a pretty col idea, the main rule of the agency is to not step off the set path as this may change the future. So of course the main character sets off the path killing a butterfly and ruining the future for everyone. In response the guy in charge of the agency or safari straight up murders the main character when they get back their time which is where the  over dramatic part comes in.  I don’t remember all that much but as stated in the title, the author compares gunshots to the sound of thunder which is an interesting metaphor in my opinion.

The Good Stuff

So I’m really grateful for all my friends even though they’re like kinda crackheads it’s nice having them around and they’re probably the best friends I’ve had in a really long time if not the best friends ever, I’m glad they adopted me into their little group. Also I’m really grateful for food cause ya know food is really good and we’d die without it. I’m also really grateful for my family which probably is a given but we’ve been through some pretty stupid crap in the last few years and I’m just grateful for the ones that stuck around, especially my oldest sister and my brother in law cause they’re pretty great.

What’s This Got to Do with Me?

So I read “A Jury of Her Peers” and it was pretty good but also confusing. In the story they are investigating and trying to decide if Minnie Wright had killed  her husband, two of the men had brought their wives and the wives are noticing very different things than the men are. The women found an empty bird cage that had a broken door and figured that someone had been rough with it, as the women are gathering somethings to take to Minnie they discover a small box with the dead bird inside and Mrs. Peters told about a kitten she had when she was little that was killed and she said if she had not been held back she would have hurt the boy that killed her kitten. They decide that Minnie’s motive came from her husband killing the bird which to me seems a bit of overkill but I don’t know I’d probably want to hurt someone if they hurt one of my pets.

1st Term Business

I honestly think I could have done much better this term than I did.  I didn’t really try all that hard and struggled to get work done on time, my greatest success is probably just making it through the first term of ninth grade without failing. I should probably work on caring more about my grades and finishing work on time instead of scrambling at the end of term to get it made up. My goal for next term is to make it through without missing assignments and only get grades B or above, this is important to me because I’ve never had all that good of grades and my mom will probably kill me if this continues.

Technology: Friend or Foe?

Technology can be amazing and extremely helpful, but can also have huge dangers. Technology used in the wrong ways will end up as a foe, but over all I think technology is more helpful than harmful. Modern tech like smartphones and laptops can be used to easier keep in contact with friends and family and other modern techs are used in hospitals and other medicals offices to save peoples lives. Even though certain technologies have some major downsides like anxieties in nomophobia and hearing sounds that aren’t really there, overall I think the good technology does can outweigh the downsides.

The First Story I Read

The short story I read is The Sound of Thunder by Ray Bradbury. In the story, Eckels goes to the Time Safari Inc. which is a business that can take you to anytime you want to hunt any animal you want. In this case Eckels wants to go millions of years into the past to kill a tyrannosaurus rex. Once everyone is ready to go Travis, the safari leader starts telling them the dangers of straying off the path, he talks about how changing even little things in the past like accidentally killing a mouse can lead to huge changes in the present and future. When they make it to the past and find the t-rex Eckels freezes because he was not prepared, he is then told to go back to the machine and wait for the others but of course he doesn’t and this causes problems.


What I’ve Been Reading

I’ve been reading the Jackaby series by William Ritter and I think I’ve invested this time well. I started the third book Ghostly Echoes at the beginning of the year and finished it in about two weeks, I started the fourth one The Dire King about a week ago and I’m almost done with it. I also reread Five Feet Apart which is pretty good, I’ve read it twice now so its gotten kind of boring but that’s okay. After I finish The Dire King I’m planning on reading The Sacrifice Box, This Dark Endeavor, and Lord of the Flies.


2095: What will the future be like?

In 2095 I think everything will be done for us, we can already control must aspects of our lives from our phones or with our voices so I think that in the future it may be a lot like the story, where we can program our homes to make and clean up meals or take care of the yards. I also think that in 2095 we will have insane ways to travel like flying cars or cars that can completely drive themselves, you don’t even need to be behind the wheel. I think that in the future everything will be easier and we will have found new ways of medicine and things like that to save lives.


“There Will Come Soft Rains” Poetry Analysis

Even though this poem was published almost a hundred years ago it’s still applicable today, although there hasn’t been another completely devastating world war, people are constantly blaming each other instead of solving the problems and ending the wars. I think Sara Teasdale used such a beautiful setting to prove that everyone had been fighting the war and killing each other for no good reason, if all the people were killed by war it wouldn’t matter, the Earth would go on and the birds wouldn’t care. Nothing would really change besides what the people would have been doing to affect the earth, the animals wouldn’t care, the trees would still bloom and life would go on.


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