Blog #2: Background Info

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In the country of Cambodia there is a total of 16 million people. About 10% of the population lives in Phnom Pehn, the countries capital. The other 90% of the people live in rural areas as farmers, and artisans.  In the countries Capital, Phnom Pehn about 1.6 million people live there. Making it the most populated area in the country.  Another major city is Battambang, it is known for its massive rice production, and being a hub in Cambodia. Through out Cambodia many languages are spoken Khmer is the main language, English, Mandarin, and French are also understood and spoken. Poverty is a major issue in Cambodia, but is getting better in 2014 alone the poverty more than halved from 53% to 20%.  Agriculture is also very high in Cambodia, for growth, and growth per capita they are in the top 5 in the whole world on both. Although poverty is high, disease is doing pretty good for how poor the country is. Energy is the real issue most of the country doesn’t have access to power at there homes. Although energy is scarce, religion is high, Buddhism is the main religion in Cambodia. Cambodia has been ruled by different countries for most of its existence, making it not a very free or wealthy country.  An interesting fact about Cambodia is that it has never had a McDonald’s ever in the whole country.

Blog #1: Intro

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For my country I chose Cambodia. I chose Cambodia because I have heard about it, but I know nothing about this the country or anything cool in Cambodia. I hope to learn as much as I can about Cambodia, the country, the language,the cultures, and anything else about the country. I wonder how the country became this way and what things helped affect the way the people are and the way the culture is.

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