Book Club Response 2

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I am reading Caminar and last time I talked about how Carlos’ village got destroyed and he found out that everyone died so he stays with the rebels and they go to each village and check up on it. They were staying in this village and a helicopter dropped a bomb over it and they were hidden in the trees, they all survived. The scene I chose was the helicopter flying over because they didn’t know what it was so it freaked them out. Brayden did the part where his village got attacked and Sage did the part where he’s in the forest lost and finds the rebels. This history my book is talking about is in Guatemala and the army destroyed villages in Guatemala. They believe in spirts and they live a simple life, they all stay together and all have jobs in the village.

Book Club Response 1

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In the beginning of my book, Caminar the army take over a village in Guatemala and then they leave but come again later and take it over and kill everyone. Carlos was in the jungle and was safe so he went to find the rebels. I haven’t really found any themes or messages yet but i’m sure I will. My author is Skila Brown, she has lived in Kentucky, Tennessee, Guatemala, and now she lives in Indiana. There is not any interviews, she has experienced time in Guatemala though. Her first job was a hot dog stand. I think I’m the end of the book he will become a rebel and help other villages.

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