Blog post #3: series proposal

I am going to read the Steelheart series by Brandon Sanderson. The reason I chose to read this series is because we are reading the first one for English and so I decided to  read the second and third books. Ive already read the first book and I am half way through the second book and will be done with the last one in probably about a week or so.

Steelhearts Back story

As a kid Steelheart was different from other kids. He had always had a kind of anger that no one could really understand at first.  He had always been a little bit of a bully to other people and treated them like they weren’t as good as him. Part of the reasoning behind him being mean was the fact that when he was really young his father had treated him and his mother poorly and that is all that he had ever known. So as he grew up he grew to be a cruel and merciless person due to the fact that to live with his father that’s the way he had to be. When he got to middle school and high school he did track and was really good at it, he was a track star but no one ever recognized him for the amazing things he had done. All of these things kind of shaped the way he was, all of the rejection and sense of loneliness had caused him to be such a cruel person. When he graduated from high school he went and worked in a factory. He would always tell other people that common people never knew what they were doing and should be under a stricter rule. He felt like since no one had ever really treated him good that there must not be any god people in the world. Then he met Jennifer, a girl that was at his work. He soon realized that there could be good people in the world. Steelheart and Jennifer started falling in love, and as they did Steelheart started to become a better person. Steelheart had become so madly in love with Jennifer that he decided to ask her to marry him, she said yes and they started planning for their wedding. As they were in the process of planning their wedding there was an attack on the building that Jennifer worked in and she was killed in the fight. Steelheart was distraught, the only person he had ever loved and felt love from had just been killed. So from then on his anger regrew and he went back to the angry and mean person he had been. So out of anger towards all of the people that had not treated him like he wasn’t important he grew a  burning passion for revenge. So when he was older he found his powers and realized that with his new power he could bring all of the people that treated him unfairly “the punishment they deserved”  

My life story

Hello, my name is Brecken Wiltbank. I first learned to read when I was in kindergarten, when I first started reading my favorite book was green eggs and ham. I really like to read in my room laying on my bed because if I get tired then I can just take a nap. I really like to read fiction books and also adventure books. When I am reading I can only read one book at a time because I just cant focus on more than one book. One of my favorite books is The Fault In Our Stars and I really like it because it is just a really well written book.

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