Everybody Was Finally Equal!

First of all, we don’t punish people for being unique. We follow them, we learn from them, we love them. And everyone is unique in their own way, you just got to look pass all of their doubts and flaws that they don’t like. The flaws they don’t like are their uniqueness because if they don’t like them, it’s probably because no one else does or shows it. This story applys to our society because people in school are very unique. Take my friend, she is very smart and likes to stay quiet, she a good reader and likes to draw. She punishes herself for not being “perfect”. If she doesn’t like her drawing she says its horrible and wants to burn it, even though it is very good. She is very unique in her own way. I do think that people like to drag people down for being “better” than they are. _not done_

What’s This Got to Do With Me?

The story I read, A Jury of Her Peers by Susan Glaspell, which is basically about a man being murdered and his wife being blamed for it. I believe that this story is teaching me that I can be smart even if I am not a man. This story is set back to when men had most control over women, and men treated woman like they were not smart. But in this story the woman notice clues that the men don’t. So one thing it is teaching me is I can be as smart as men. I learned about myself through this story because someone I love got accused for something she didn’t do. Her ex-husband blamed her for robbing his house or something after they got divorced and the police came and since he was a men, beloved him over her and she got locked up in prison for a little, I don’t even think that the policemen looked for evidence. And knowing her she wouldn’t have done that, no matter how bad things got. So by reading this story I learned that woman have to fight for there freedom, even in Utah some woman are being manipulated by men. Take someone dating in Junior High for example. This girl likes this guy and confesses and he says he likes her to. He slowly gains her trust only to betray her for something he did. Lets say he stole a teacher’s laptop. He steals it and blames the girl. The girl completely innocent gets blamed and they find the laptop in her book-bag. Everyone immediate starts hating her even though she never did anything wrong. The boy simply did something and when he got caught he blamed it on the girl causing her to get into trouble. Its kind related to the story expect the boy didn’t frame her, the men did. Even in America women have to stand up for their freedom. They may be free from being slaves for other people but some men (like their husband) still treat them like they are slaves.

Suspense and Word Choice in a Freewrite

Eerily she sat there. Darkness surrounded her. “Get out of my head” she cried. Nothing happened. She sat there crying. “Why is this happening to me” she whispered to herself. Something was creeping towards her. Glowing red eyes. “No” she whispered. I need to get out, I need to save me before she thought. “DON’T GET ANY CLOSER” she yelled. She was frightened, she had nothing to defend herself with. ” why is this happening” she cried. She was then picked up by her legs and thrown across the floor. “STOP” she yelled, barley able to breath. “Don’t get any closer!” she yelled. The darkness stopped, an inch from her. A black figure stepped out. “what are you” she asked. The darkness just stood there. “WHAT ARE YOU” she yelled again. The black figured mouthed “depression dear” She stood there shaking hImage result for depression drawingser head. “No, no, no” she said. The blackness closed in and she screamed. Everything was silent, not a single sound around.

Free! Body and soul free!

To me, the feeling of being locked inside is many different reasons. It could be them thinking to much and being trapped inside of the mind and all the dark, negative things. It could also be that their husband/wife is abusive, and that he/she doesn’t love them anymore. Or in the old days like in the short story “The Story of an Hour” by Kate Chopin, the main character’s husband was claimed dead, and she was sad at first but further into the story she starts seeing the good side of it, she gets everything her husband had, the house, the money, e.t.c. If people want to escape, they have to work hard. If their trapped inside their mind, they will have to find a way to be strong and know that it is not forever. Maybe finding one good friend can make a big difference. It its the abusive wife/husband, or not being loved by them anymore then they should get a divorce. Even though it is hard at first, it would become easier with time. And they would realize all the wonderful thing in the world. To be truly free is to find yourself and work hard for success!  (Another  way  to  feel  free  is  to  meditate!)

1st Term Business

To be completely honest, I like the work we have done this term. It became easier and easier each time we annotated a author’s craft. I believe that I did put all of the effort into our assignments. I even brought the short story we read and finished annotating it at home. I believe that my greatest success this term in English is working hard to get my grade up. The very first paragraph we annotated, it brought me to a A to about a C I believe. But after a lot of hard work I brought my C to a better grade. I need to work on confidence. When we do group discussions I need to be able to actually breath instead of holding my breath and biting my lip. It feels like the first day of school in August went by so fast. It is now October and Fall Break. Aw how time flies. I have experienced growth since August. With all the reading time in the beginning it has affected my mind and made me be able to think when we started to work. In 2nd term I hope that I’ll be able to speak up and ask questions, and make new friends. Once I accomplish this fear, it will take my future into a very different direction then if I don’t accomplish this fear. This is important to me because… I’ve had a hard past and lost my confidence to speak to new people. To love another person you must love and find yourself first. To accomplish this goal I will try and talk to a new person and I already love myself (mostly) I just need to find myself and hopefully I will soon. Also Mr. Green if your reading this I just want you to know… I loved how in the classroom post you said ” It feels like you cute, frightened, little children…” Nice word play. Until 2nd term I bid you goodbye.

Technology: Friend or Foe

Technology can be a wonderful thing. You have Instagram, messenger, Facebook, e.t.c. But it can also be a bad thing. You don’t know what kind of people are following you and talking to you on Facebook and other apps. People could be stalking you and just tracking your every move. People are addicted to their phone and it ruins their relationship. There was a test where a mom was asked to ignore her child for a few minutes and be on her phone. The child was trying to get the moms attention and when the few minutes was up the mom was asking the child if he/she wanted to play and the child was upset and saying no. It was really hard for the mother to ignore her child. This shows that we can actually ruin relationships with our childrenn (when we have them 🙂 ) and with other members. But its also good because when you need to research something for school or work google is a good place because it gives you websites and sometimes answer them for you. So in my opinion it depends on how much you use it and what your using it for. What do you think? Is technology a friend, a foe, or both?

The First Story I Read

So… I forgot my paper at home… so I don’t know the name but it’s by the same author who wrote 2029 there will come soft rains. (when I have my paper, I’ll to to update this post.) The main character name is Margot. You also have the children but we don’t have any names for them. It starts by Margot remembering the sun and describes it being like a lemon and penny. The children don’t believe her and call her a liar, and sciences say that the sun will show itself for about 2 hours. The children have been on Venus for so long that they forgot how the sun looks. So everyone, including Margot, wants to see the sun. For the children, nothing gets in the way, but Margot isn’t so lucky… For the children did something terrible. That creates a problem with leads to the end. What I like about this story is how it is set on Venus. Its a unusal setting and I like it. Just thinking about people living on Venus and how they only see the sun every 7 years or so for about 1 or 2 hours if lucky, and here on Earth you see the sun everyday and if your unlucky (or lucky) you see it about 24 hours a day. The thing I dislike is that one boy, part of the children. How he treats Margot, and what he does to her towards the end of the book… its just awful! It is a very enjoyable story so I suggest reading it (if you want), but this is the end of this post! Until next time!

What I’ve Been Reading

I have read 2 books all the way through this school year. The book i’m reading right now is called Little White Lies by Jennifer Lynn Barnes. The books I finished are called More than we can tell by Brigid Kemmerer and The Awaking by Kelley Armstrong. I liked The Awaking because it was about paranormal things… summoning ghosts, a werewolf, witches and warlocks, those kind of things. It is also the third book in it’s series. More than we can tell was also a good book because it was based on things that can happen in real life. Abusive  dad, adoptive parents (who are nice), a marriage falling apart, a daughter who hates  mother, e.t.c. There is one more thing but that would be a spoiler! More than we can tell had something I disliked in it… but that would also be a spoiler. Lets just say someone wants the main character that is a boy to kill them. I just hate that someone asked him to do that. The Awaking didn’t really have things that I disliked, But I didn’t like that there was a ghost Chloe (one main character) accidentally summed who try’s to, lets say harass her. They are both really good books and if you like romance and paranormal things I suggest you read these books.

I can use figurative language

Ash was convinced that he was the prince. “For the last time I am not the prince!” the boy said, clearly annoyed. Ash was a brave girl and would not rest until he admitted he was the prince. He had golden hair like the sun. His eyes were green, the color of an emerald. “Just admit it” Ash said. “The prince has the same golden hair and green eyes like yours!” Ash stated. The boy looked stumped. He clearly forgotten to hide his appearance. He looked down, showing that Ash had won their fight. “Fine, yes I am the prince” he said. “Name’s Alex” Alex said holding his hand out. “Ash, and if you expect me to kiss your hand, you can forget it” Ash said, a little smile on her face. Alex grinned and Ash shook his hand. “We have a long journey ahead, lets get going, time waits for no one” Alex said. “We?” asked Ash. “We” Alex said smiling. And just like that they started for a long journey ahead.

What Will the Future Be Like in 2094

75 years from now will not be the same. There will be different people, things, and electronic devices. Life will still be hard sometimes, there will be more war, more deaths, more people losing a love one. But sometimes that can make us stronger. So what I think life will be like in 2094 is a time where people will feel stronger, happier, but alas people will become lazier, more distant, there will be new electronic things like I don’t know… a robotic house that does all the work! Kids would still go to school but they have robotic teachers that teach them the hardest things, gives a lot of homework, and split people up into the smarter and not so smart groups. But houses will probably be bigger (and more expensive :/) but that means there are more room for cute animals!!!

(think of this heart a full family with a lot of love. Then a family member dies and the heart breaks, but over time it mends making you stronger but that member lives on in your heart.)