i think we should not teach Shakespeare because he is outdated and unrelatable. Nobody cares what was happening about a billion years ago in some random British dudes love life. Also i don’t think suicide is the right answer just because your parents don’t like your girlfriend. Anyways, even if some people do relate to […]

everything i think i know about Shakespeare

I don’t know a whole lot about Shakespeare but i learned a little bit about him in drama. I learned about the theater that burned down and how people think he went missing. I don’t know i that is true or not and maybe i’m thinking of someone else but i’m pretty sure it was […]

self assessment

I think assessing your own work can help you catch your mistakes and maybe not make those mistakes in the first place, or in the future.  Assessing your own work helps because in improves your grammar and fluency because you have to read through and get to know how it sounds before you give it […]

how i will dominate

i will try to dominate but if you haven’t noticed yet I’m a little dumb. I will try to do stuff and keep up but in the end i will be behind and have to stay after to get my grades up. I’m usually missing a bunch of stuff and this term will be especially […]

How I Feel About TKAM

i thought the book was really good but to be honest i did not read the whole book. i usually only read in class but what i did read i didn’t really like. it was a good book for people who like reading but i don’t like reading so i didn’t like it too much. […]

Good stuff from To Kill a Mockingbird

“If a man like Atticus Finch wants to butt his head against a stone wall it’s his head” I think this is cool because it talks about freedom and agency and making choices. If we want to do something that doesnt affect anyone else it is our decision and nobody can tell us not to. […]

An Authority on Courage and Integrity

if your having trouble making the right decision, just try to be like me Dwight Shrute. I am a volunteer sheriff on the weekends and a salesman at Dunder Mifflen paper company. i know how to make hard decisions, for example last week i had to decide weather i wanted to hang out with Micheal […]

Blind Spots

I think Mr.Cunningham is not a bad man but i don’t think hes a good man either. I think he was defending his beliefs when he wanted to kill Tom.  They weren’t very good beliefs but that is what he believed in. I think that is just how he was raised. For example, swearing is […]

What Went Wrong With The Sub

In total the sub was really fun and chill. She was really fun and I liked her a lot. I will admit that maybe I wasn’t on my best behavior and maybe a little too talkative. I maybe shouldn’t have been playing music on my computer and not been out of my seat. But in […]


i think its good that Atticus is still defending Tom Robinson. Nothing terrible has happened yet except for old ladies yelling at Scout and Jem and Jem getting mad at Mrs. Maudie. and if Atticus didn’t do it there’s obviously nobody that will. Atticus is standing up for a black man who is treated like […]