An Authority on Courage and Integrity

if your having trouble making the right decision, just try to be like me Dwight Shrute. I am a volunteer sheriff on the weekends and a salesman at Dunder Mifflen paper company. i know how to make hard decisions, for example last week i had to decide weather i wanted to hang out with Micheal […]

Blind Spots

I think Mr.Cunningham is not a bad man but i don’t think hes a good man either. I think he was defending his beliefs when he wanted to kill Tom.  They weren’t very good beliefs but that is what he believed in. I think that is just how he was raised. For example, swearing is […]

What Went Wrong With The Sub

In total the sub was really fun and chill. She was really fun and I liked her a lot. I will admit that maybe I wasn’t on my best behavior and maybe a little too talkative. I maybe shouldn’t have been playing music on my computer and not been out of my seat. But in […]


i think its good that Atticus is still defending Tom Robinson. Nothing terrible has happened yet except for old ladies yelling at Scout and Jem and Jem getting mad at Mrs. Maudie. and if Atticus didn’t do it there’s obviously nobody that will. Atticus is standing up for a black man who is treated like […]

Climbing Into His Skin

I think that when Atticus says “Climb into his skin” he means to try and see things from that persons point of view. For example, Scout is sad because her teacher says not to read with Atticus, but if you “Crawl into her skin” you realize that the only reason is because that is her […]

Beliefs and Actions

belief windows play a big roll in our lives and even help us make decisions in our every day lives. One of the main things that help shape our windows is stuff we are taught when we are young. the basic stuff like please and thank you. Also things our parents tell us. These windows […]

the end is half way upon us

I am pretty proud of the work I’ve done in this class. I’ve stayed on top of things for the most part except for when i was gone. i have completed the things i missed though and I should end with a pretty good grade unless i forgot something. i could work on my reading […]

Tell me about it

something I’ve been waiting for is the Denver Broncos game I saw. it was really fun and the Broncos won. The Broncos are my favorite team and always have been. They played the Steelers who are my little brothers favorite team. He was pretty upset about his team loosing but we got some autographs from […]

who am I

If I never read a book I would not be very different because I don’t read very much. I do not read very much because I am usually busy with sports and outdoors. If I had more time then maybe I would read more but I don’t. I also don’t enjoy reading unless I can […]

what am i reading

I am reading a book called QB by Steve Young.  This book i s a auto biography about Steve Young and how he became one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time.  I really like it and I am a big Football fan so I can connect with this book and understand it very well.  […]