Pretties by Scott Westerfeld

Summary: The story of Tally as she acoustics herself to Pretty life.  While at a party, she runs into a friend from the Smoke, who tells her where to find a hidden package meant for her.  After finding it with her new boyfriend Zane, she discovers it houses the cure for why Pretties act so dumb all the time.  With litte time on her hands,  she decides to split the two pill cure with Zane, almost joking him.  As time goes on,  they start acting more intelligent,  then decide to leave.  Tally gets separated from the group,  and stuck in a cage like environment with a group of humans set on violence, delayingher ability to get to New Smoke. After getting to New Smoke, the leaders of New Pretty Town find them,  due to a tanker located in Zane’s jaw. Tally decides to go back to New Pretty Town with Zane, but ends up getting turned into a Special by her previous BFF (turned sadistic). Thus concludes the second installment of Uglies.

Review: Honestly, I thought it lagged. Unless was such a fast paced, interesting read. Pretties just felt slow and rather boring. And it brought in the heaven forbid love triangle, which had becime cliche. Despite having a few interesting concept, Pretties did not make me want to read the next installment, Specials.

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