Farseer Trilogy Background and Summary

The series is set in the kingdom of Six Duchies, and occasionally the Mountain Kingdom, which is in a medival-esque era. The world created by Robin Hobb has earned the name of the Realm of the Elderlings. It geniusly introduces ideas and concepts as the story unravels, similar to Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings. As you read the series, it feels as if it’s really just one giant book into three parts.



The series follows Fitz as he aides his uncle, Prince Verity, as he attempts to protect the kingdom from invading Red-Ship Raiders, while Prince Regal attempts to take over the throne. The first book focuses mostly on training and set-up, while the second and third are more action-packed.


Quick summaries of each book:


The Assassin’s Apprentice follows Fitz’s early life as he begins his training as King’s Assassin, and protects the kingdom from his over-enthusiastic and jealous uncle, Prince Regal.


In Royal Assassin, Prince Verity asks Fitz to become an unseen assassin, and hunt down Forged- people who have been zombified by Red-Ship Raiders. Meanwhile, King Shrewd’s health is failing, and Prince Regal seizes another chance to take over the kingdom.


Finally, in Assassin’s Quest, the public believes that Prince Verity and Fitz have been murdered by Prince Regal, who has abandoned the kingdom. Fitz, however, finds his way back to life, and seeks revenge- nothing will stop him from killing Regal.

Except Verity.

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