Farseer Trilogy Characters

FitzChivalry Farseer

Commonly called Fitz, he is the main character of the trilogy. He is the illegitimate son of Prince Chivalry and some random villager from the Mountain Kingdom. When Fitz is about six, he is sent to the palace, and is taken in by the stablemaster, Burrich. He is talented in the two kinds of magic- the Skill and the Wit. He eventually becomes the assassin’s apprentice (roll credits, please), and becomes entangled in a family feud.


Chade Fallstar

The illigitimate half-brother of King Shrewd, Chade became the King’s Assassin after a potion went wrong, scarring his face. He takes Fitz as his apprentice, and eventually cares deeply for the boy. He serves as a mentor/father for Fitz throughout.


Regal Farseer

Third son of King Shrewd, half brother to Chivalry and Verity.  He is jealous of his older brothers, as he aspires to be king. When Fitz moves into the castle, he worries that Fitz will pose a problem to his ascension to the throne, but ends up manipulating Fitz to help begin his rise. A major antagonist throughout the trilogy.


Chivalry Farseer

Fitz’s father, and King-in-waiting. When he learns of Fitz’s existence, he backs down from King-in-Waiting, handing the post over to his brother, Verity. He moves to Withywoods, and dies a few years later.


Verity Farseer

Second son, feels inadequate to be king after Chivalry leaves, as he had always been brought up to be the “second son”. He loves Fitz, but is often busy and can’t always spend time with him. When he can, he teaches Fitz in the art of the Skill. He is acutely aware of the attacks lead by Red-Ship Raiders, and searches for a way to protect the kingdom.


Molly Chandler

Every story has to have a love interest, right? Molly is Fitz’s. She’s never really in the book, but is a large motivator for Fitz, in many ways.

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