Book Review 1.1

The Deceiver’s Heart by Jennifer A. Nielson.

 Fantasy Fiction/ 384 pages/ 4.8 stars


How it starts:

This book is the second in the series. So while I can’t say much about the beginning of this book, I will explain the beginning of the series:

The main character, Kestra, is the daughter of the royal family the Dallisors. But she was taken to live in the Lava Fields for three years because her father, essentially, hates her. Her mother died in the beginning of those three years and that’s why she was sent away. She was supposed to be refining her skills as a “proper lady of the Dallisor family”, but she was really being taught how to fight by her protector/friend/father figure. It opens with her coming back from the Lava Fields, because her father called for her – to make her marry this one dude that will benefit the Dallisors. But as she is coming back, she is taken captive by the Coraks, a rebel group.

How it gets complicated:

The main problem in the story is the King. Lord Endrick. He is a horrible leader, and he is Endrean. Endrean is a race in the book that has magic. He has used his magic to kill and take other Endreans’ magic. Most people don’t know this though. The main objective is to kill Endrick. Which is this big complicted thing, for reasons that I cant say, because it would kind of spoil everything.

What I liked: 

I liked that the book was very fast paced. I loved the idea of what happens to the main character in the second book. There are a lot of other things that I liked, but they might spoil something.

What I disliked: 

I did not like how long it took fir the second book to come out.


Despite the way I explained it, it is not cliche. It is a fast paced book that has the slightest touch of romance. It’s clean. And it doesn’t curse. I think this would be a good book choice for anyone that likes a good fantasy.





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