Book Review 1.2

The Selection by Kiera Cass

Dystopia & Romance/ 328 pages/ 3/5

How it starts:

It starts out with a 17 yr old girl, America,  who is going about life as a Five. In this book, there are people in “sections” or “levels”; One through Eight. One is Royalty, and Eight is basically homeless people searching for any kind of job or means to feed their family. As a Five, she is in pretty  bad circumstances, sometimes having to go with out light to be able to have enough food for the week. She and her family, are musicians and singers – that is what Fives are. They are paid to sing and play for the higher born people. But it is often hard to find enough jobs.

The Prince, Maxon, is “of age”. So they have the “Selection”, where any girl from age 17 to 21, has a chance to win his heart. Every girl can “sign up”, but only 30 are admitted to the palace. America is one of those. She didn’t want to sign up, but her mother and boyfriend guilt-tripped her into it…

How it gets complicated:

After a while in the palace, she realizes that she cares for the prince and he cares for her. But she still loves her boyfriend back home. The end goal isn’t really clear (even though I got through the second book) other than her choosing which boy she likes more…

What I liked:

I liked that it was very well written. The “logistics” of the writing was very well done. I never had to reread a sentence because it didn’t make sense. And I was able to imagine how the character was feeling because the author described it so well.

What I didn’t like:

I did not like the plot line. The author takes the reader over a roller coaster game of “he loves me, he loves me not” and “I love him, I don’t love him” kind of thing. But with TWO boys. That gets really annoying. There is another problem: there are rebels trying to get rid of, or break down the current government, but the only damage they ever do is break some things in the palace while everyone important hides away in a safe room. I kept hoping for a certain someone of importance to die, but he/she didn’t. And every problem that the author creates, you find out later that it wasn’t nearly as bad as you were previously led to believe. Too often, I found myself thinking, ” Just marry him and deal with the consequences. Whatever,. Get over it.” Of course, I only got through the second book of five. Maybe she makes the next books better, and I just didn’t have enough patience to find out.


I think this is a great book if you enjoy a crazy amount of romance, and not many actual, lasting consequences – A.K.A. A Happily Ever After. It is not a bad book, only not fit to my preferences. Oh, and it is kind of dirty – just BTW.




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