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Book Review 1.2

The Selection by Kiera Cass Dystopia & Romance/ 328 pages/ 3/5 How it starts: It starts out with a 17 yr old girl, America,  who is going about life as a Five. In this book, there are people in “sections” or “levels”; One through Eight. One is Royalty, and Eight is basically homeless people searching for any kind of job or…

Book Review 1.1

The Deceiver’s Heart by Jennifer A. Nielson.  Fantasy Fiction/ 384 pages/ 4.8 stars   How it starts: This book is the second in the series. So while I can’t say much about the beginning of this book, I will explain the beginning of the series: The main character, Kestra, is the daughter of the royal family the Dallisors. But she was…

Word Nerds 1.5

Amity Source: Divergent/ Veronica Roth/ pg. 39 Context: “The elevator is crowded, so my father volunteers to give a cluster of Amity our place.” In their words: noun – FORMAL a friendly relationship. In my words: When used in the book, the word represents a group of people who base their “culture” on friendliness.    

Word Nerds 1.4

Erudite Source: Divergent/ Veronica Roth/ pg 42 Context: “Those who blamed ignorance became the Erudite.” In their words: adjective having or showing great knowledge or learning. In my words: In this context,  the Erudite  are a faction. They are the ones considered intelligent.

Word Nerds 1.3

Dauntless Source: Divergent/ Veronica Roth/ pg.30 Context: “It sounds like the Dauntless, calling me to them.” In their words: adjective showing fearlessness and determination. In my words: Dauntless is bravery, and determination. Sometimes to the point of recklessness.

Word Nerds 1.2

Abnegation Source: Divergent/ Veronica Roth/ pg. 3 Context: “But she must hide that beauty in Abnegation.” In their words: noun the act of renouncing or rejecting something. self-denial. In my words: In this book, Abnegation is all about self-sacrifice.

Word Nerds 1.1

Faction Source: Divergent/ Veronica Roth/ pg. 1 Context:“Our faction allows me to stand in front of it on the second day of every third month, the day my mother cuts my hair.” In their words: noun a small organized dissenting group within a larger one, especially in politics. In my words: A faction is a group of people. And in this…

The Best Book I Ever Read

Even if I had the ability to choose an absolute favorite book, I wouldn’t. I don’t have the will power to tell myself to choose a singular book. I do have favorite authors, from whom are multiple series’ that I adore. My favorite authors are: Jennifer A. Nielson, Jeff Wheeler, Brandon Mull, and a few others. Trilogies are my favorite,…

What’s the Deal with Stories?

I think the point of reading is to broaden the scope of human intelligence in general. Imagine if there were absolutely no records of the past. One of my favorite quotes, from George Santayana, states, “Those who do not know the past are condemned to repeat it.” Think about all the horrible events in the past. What would happen if…

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