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China has a population of 1.38 billion people and the majority live in Shanghai. Shanghai is a very major city and is considered the show piece of China because of the architecture and historical buildings.  The capital of China is Beijing with population of 21 million people. The main language spoken there is Mandarin as well as Cantonese. China has an outstanding rate of 0.7 percent poverty rate and they also support 20 percent of the world with their agricultural products. China has 4 main regions, Buddhism, Taoism, Islam, and Christianity. China has the highest population in the world and is 3rd for largest country in the world.










Final Response: Wolf by Wolf

I really enjoyed the novel Wolf by Wolf by Ryan Graudin and I would definitely recommend it to a friend. I like how there were bits and pieces of back story scattered throughout the book because it really made me like and relate to Yael, the main character. Although I will say I didn’t like how little we knew about Adele Wolfe. If we knew a little more about her I feel like Yael and Adele would seem like different people because they seemed like the same person by the end. Some things that stuck out to me in the novel were Yael’s character traits. She never gave up and was focused on her mission at all costs, but being a former inmate from a concentration camp she still had compassion for others and wouldn’t waste a persons life just for the sake of the mission. In fact she was able to both and still be successful. Before reading this I didn’t know much about the holocaust from the Jewish point of view so to see their kind struggle and persevere while still being faithful and not denying their faith.

Book Club Response 2

I just finished reading the book Wolf by Wolf, and boy was it a crazy ride. This book took lots of twists with probably the biggest one at the end. One theme that I thought stood out was to take a grain of salt with every alliance or partnership you make with someone you don’t completely trust. While Yael was racing she had to rely on Luka, a past competitor but he ends up trying to poison her and he wins the race because of that, but if she would’ve watched her back she might of had a better shot. Another theme was or message was to give 100% effort and never give up. Yael time after time did that and even though she didn’t win she was invited to the ball and ended up fulfilling her task so everything worked out, kind of.

In our podcast we talked about Yael being experimented on, her being captured by the Russians, and her attempt to kill Hitler. From that you can tell that this was set around the holocaust while the Nazi’s were in full swing with their plans. When Yael tries to kill Hitler at the end of the book, she succeeds with shooting him, but the man thought to be Hitler begins to change, his eye color switches to a bunch of different colors and he states, “You were the first…” then he dies. This means that this wasn’t the real Hitler, and it was a skinshifter just like Yael. This lead me to believe that the real Hitler may have died long ago because there were 49 other attempts to kill him, or the real one is in hiding sending out fakes in his place.

Over all I really enjoyed this book and would definitely recommend it to a friend, it also followed along with real events that happened during those times so if someone were interested in WWII, this would be a great read for them.

Book Club Response 1

Right now I am reading Wolf by Wolf by Ryan Graudin. So far in the book the main character Yael has escaped from a concentration camp after being a test subject and gaining the ability to change her physical appearance. She joined a rebellion and is currently in a race with other people from Europe and Japan. The winner gets an invite to a formal party with Hitler, and Yael’s goal is to win so that she can get close enough to assassinate Hitler and hopefully change the current World War. So far the message is to not give up because Yael has faced lots of adversity with close friends and family dying while she was in the concentration camp. She also has had to train very hard so that she can execute her mission successfully.

Like I mentioned before, the author is Ryan Graudin, she was born in South Carolina and loves her wolf-dog. It gave her the inspiration to make Yael’s tattoos wolves to represent 4 people and 1 reminder. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any articles or interviews why she decided to write about this time period and setting but it seems fitting for Yael’s personality.

I haven’t finished this book yet but I think that Yael has a lot more to prove in her race and in the rest of her mission to get closer to Hitler and hopefully change the tide in the war. I think that she is gonna end up in a conflict with another racer, Luka. He has been a problem from the very beginning of the race and he plans to completely snuff her out so that she losses hope and can’t win.

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