What I Look For In A Good Character

For me personally, the traits for a good character is real depth. A hear-wrenching story that made them who they are, why they act the way they act. Because I think the characters that the author makes, comes from experience or views. I definitely think that there is a strong relation to the antagonist/protagonist and the author. The quirks and personality I think is often similar to the author, or an important person in their life. A good character often reflects on the authors ability to write interesting story lines, or keep the audience engrossed. But a good character makes us relate to very odd things, things that we never knew we had any relation to whatsoever. A good character makes us feel empathy for them, and put us in their shoes. Even if they are the “villain” of the story, any good character regardless of morals should give us a sense of how we are similar to them. It should nudge us to re-evaluate our standards, and how we view a difficult situation. Good characters can provide insight on how we react, and how we can emerge triumphant.


What Would It Be Like?

If I were to put myself into this situation, I would be absolutely devastated. To just know that one day, everything that you love and enjoy will be just a memory. Your family,friends, and even your home will all be obsolete. And it doesn’t help that she is very young, her whole world is changing and its going to be very difficult to adjust to. Thankfully, I’ve never had to experience something this traumatic, so I can’t provide you all with some sorrowful personal experience. But I think we all experience a glimpse of this at some point, regardless of whatever your situation is. We all go through this, whether its the lost of a loved one, or even a minor minuscule everyday inconvenience. Its all through the perspective that we view life, its how we assess if the problem is temporary or permanent.


What I Found Confusing In The Prologue To The Book Thief

I have already read this book, so I will reiterate the thoughts and questions I had when I read it for the first time. I remember how remarkably beautiful I thought the prologue was, so many descriptions of colors and emotions relevant to the situation. I also thought the brief description of the encounter with the girl was foreshadowing to a immense tragic story. Its rather enchanting description of a time covered in the flawed system of fascism, really engrosses you in the plot and makes you want to read more. But it can also be relatively confusing, I thought the author seemed to be quite disturbing with his obsession of colors rather than the situation at hand. I always wondered how the descriptions of the colors would be relevant to the story. And the disclaimers and obvious facts were strange, where he would warn or almost threaten you. But I assure you, it all ties together wonderfully.


“Harlem” Poetry Response

Reading this poem effected me personally, in a way I didn’t know was possible. It made me realize and look over all of the “deferred dreams” that I never accomplished, and all of the things that I lost interest in over time. And it was really depressing, I mean obviously being only 15 I can’t accomplish most of my dreams to a certain extent. Or all of the dreams that I went about in a clandestine manner, that no one else will ever find out about because I’ll probably never pursue them. And I shouldn’t be upset, because theirs still a lot I can achieve over time. And dreams of African Americans were nearly impossible to accomplish. Especially in such desperate times like the 1930’s, where living and surviving proved to be a difficult task. But now thankfully our circumstances are different (for now) and almost all dreams are possible. At least in most places, and hopefully that will change at some point. Regardless of what race you are, you shouldn’t be denied the opportunity to broaden your horizons and expand your knowledge on what your passionate about.


How I’m Dealing With This Coronavirus Stuff

Times have been pretty dreary lately, but this whole “situation” has really provided me with a time to re-evaluate myself. For one, its made me realize that deep down I actually liked school. Which I never thought that I would uncover that information about myself. But I mean not a whole lots changed, other than spending the entirety of my day at school. But i’m not complaining, I pretty much just read all day which has been absolutely amazing. Its given me time to finish 3 books since school was cancelled, so i’m keeping myself occupied. Most people are frightened by this whole pandemic, but a quote from “A Monster Calls” gives me a sense of hope during these dark and dingy times. The quote is “half of healing, is belief” which I think is extremely accurate, I think often we find ourselves lost in the citadels of what is known as the “Placebo Effect.” We often convince ourselves that we are suffering by all that is going on, whereas we have just convinced ourselves (most times by the media) that we have. I’m not saying that we are all Hypochondriacs, but I think that when we realize that we are not taking the necessary precautions to prevent ourselves from getting ill, we have already convinced ourselves that we have it. And I don’t want to sound like i’m not taking this seriously, because its a huge deal but I think we would all benefit from just calming down about it. And just realizing that, their is nothing that we can do other than living healthily. I mean the Corona virus is here, we can’t just make it magically disappear. I think the media intensify’s whats actually happening and makes the public think that its much worse than it actually is. Well now that you have heard my useless rant, I would just like to wish you all the best. Stay healthy!


What Power Do Words Have?

If you ask me, words are probably the most profound and powerful things in our society. They can make us feel, or act in rather strange ways. Words can determine the outcome of almost every situation, for good or bad. They can persuade us, or exclude us and make us revolt against another persons. Which is incredibly complex when you think about it, words have a unbreakable hold over us. A hold that provides us with a vessel to speak our minds and opinions. Words can make or break a person, they can encourage us to do incredible feats. Or they can break our spirit, and our will to change and develop traits or talents. Words can fill us with a sense of accomplishment, or a sense of shame. As cliche as that sounds its fairly true, it reminds me of the saying “most would rather be punched in the face, than deeply insulted.” Which just proves how truly powerful words can be, to the extent of us longing for physical harm, rather than receiving¬† a pungent phrase. Words can attract us to tasks that we never knew we would be interested in, or even agreeing to things we never found ourselves slightly engaged in. And sadly words are often used as weapons, to try and make you feel that you aren’t capable of change. But also words can only offend you, if you allow them to. Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” Which is sort of a proverb that I live by, because when we stop getting distracted by the flawed statements and blasphemy’s that we hear everyday. We begin to find who we truly are, and who we want to become.


Books To Read During The Apocalypse (All Of Them)

I’m still in disbelief that all of this is actually happening, anyways i’m excited because I just get to sit at home all day and read. The book i’m looking most forward to reading is “The Seven Miracles That Saved The World.” I’m a huge history nerd and love all books with historical themes, but this book focuses on the miraculous historical events that shaped our world. And how life would be different without them, and how they impacted other events that would later take place. Its a sequel to another book that I absolutely adore, “The Seven Miracles That Saved America.” Their extremely well written, exciting and very informative. Don’t forget to take your vitamins,brush your teeth, wash your hands, and fasten your seat-belt in these trying times. Stay safe out there kiddos!!!


Blind Spots

Atticus and the kids recently had a bit of a confrontation with some town folk at the county jail. The next morning Jem is asking Atticus why he thinks so highly of Mr. Cunningham, he replies by saying “Mr. Cunningham’s basically a good man, he just has blind spots along with the rest of us.” I think he means that overall he is a descent human being, but he has his own trials and faults just like everyone else. Or that they don’t really understand the severity of what there doing, because their just trying to be like everyone else and fit in. Sometimes we just do things to fulfill the status quo, just so people won’t second guess our intentions or actions.



“Strange Fruit” Poetry Response

I found this poem to be very interesting, and eye opening. It reminds me of a magnificent poem by Pranav Dhakal, it reads “Being black, does not decide my heart, being white doesn’t determine who I am from inside, nowadays we don’t judge a book by its cover. So why judge a person by their skin color, every skin color is unique we all feelings which get hurt and re-speak, I am mixed race and my mom (who is white) Always told me that we are all equal. God made all of us black or white, we should all be proud that we re-unite. Colour doesn’t matters, just the brain matters, their skin complexion has nothing to do, just their morals,beliefs,intelligence drives-thru. Be like pencil colour, some are beautiful, some are sharp, all are in different colours, but they all learn to live in a box attached.” Before I begin to tell my experience with this poem, I would like to say yes there are some spelling and grammatical errors in this poem, and that’s actually how its written. Anyways, when I was 4 years old, I was spending the afternoon with my grandfather. We were in an auto-parts store, and a white man got upset with the black cashier because the part he needed wasn’t available, and he uttered the words “your people have been known to do this.” I asked my grandfather why he said that, he said some people don’t like people because of the color of their skin. I was completely shocked, I sat in my seat and pondered about it on the silent car ride home. When we arrived, I asked my grandfather why would someone dislike someone else because of the color of their skin? he said, “I do not know, truth is theirs no real reason why.” He then took me by the hand and let me to a massive bookshelf he had in his basement. He grabbed a book with a collection of poems from the center, gave it a quick dust and read me this poem. Being 4 years old I could not comprehend what was read, but I think I have a good sense of what it means now. Sadly, this poem is a reality that we currently live in. Most things don’t really effect me, but for some reason racism fills me with a strange sense of sadness and anger. I’m not qualified being a white 15 year old male, but nothing angers me more than the sight of someone being mistreated because of their skin,sexuality,religion,political views and other similar things. Because there is no valid reason for racism to exist, its just uneducated bigots that decide they are entitled to judge someone, which is absolutely disgusting. And I absolutely despise it, its just so frustrating. When I read things like “Strange Fruits” it just makes me beyond furious, to the point where I have a hard time even admitting that such awful things even happened. But if we can’t admit that they’ve happened, we will never learn from it and history will repeat itself. I just can’t wrap my head around why someone would develop hatred for someone because of the color of their skin, I just don’t get it at all. We live in a modern society, we know better, their is no reason to condone for what happened. But why should it have to continue? If I could hear a reason why we all shouldn’t change, I would be ecstatic to hear it. I think the day when people realize that we are all the same, will be the most glorious day in human history.



“A Monster Calls” Book Review

At this point, i’m not afraid to admit it, I enjoyed the book and I stand by my claim. Yeah, I can see why most people didn’t really enjoy it, because its not really the most original idea. But I found this book to be very moving, I couldn’t necessarily relate to it, but that shouldn’t prevent you from enjoying it. I found it to be a beautiful depiction of a young boy trying to cope with the loss of his mother, and eventually accepting that at some point he’s going to lose her. And I thought it was absolutely heart wrenching, I thought the book tied together very well. It transitioned ideas and concepts very smoothly, and frankly it pulled it off. Not to be that guy, but I didn’t really find my love for it until I did the reading journal, which I think was 100% necessary to comprehend the actions and ideas of the book. I really thought that the role of the “monster” if you can call it that, really added a lot of insight to what Conor was truly thinking and feeling. It showed how unruly we can act in stressful and uncomfortable situations, which I found to be really interesting. Because in moments like that, our true colors begin to show.