Are Books Dangerous?

I think for the most part, books in their own way can indeed be dangerous. Passages from books can be often mininterpretted, and often plants fowl acts in the minds of the gullable. I think the only reason that books can be dangerous to the Nazi party is, books can teach of things that differ from what they are trying to brainwash the German people into believing. They can teach of different ideals and solutions to the problems they face as a government system, and their cowardly answer was to remove all media and “propoganda” that taught otherwise. And I definitely think that books can be liberating in some cases, because often books give people a sense of worth, and even a code to live by in some cases. Books can completely change and convert what we live and believe, and that is what I think Hitler was affraid of. Because if people continued to read and ponder, they might just realize how ridiculous his entire flawed plan truly is. And that could pose as a massive threat to him, and all of his followers. Its times like that, where our ability to think freely vanishes, is where the most vile and grim ideas are conceptualized. When we stop thinking freely, we become completely trusting in all of what others say. When free thinking becomes a privilege, all wonder,imagination,excitement and basic human descency disapears. If we look back in history, and examine all of the horrible events such as the Holocaust. We realize the people were unable to think freely, therefore they allowed such horrendous things to happen. And I think thats the main purpose of books, its a vessel for creative people to think freely, and express their thoughts and feelings in a different way. And thats what makes books beautiful, for all the major differences and ability to transport us to a land unimaginable. And thats what the Facists were affraid of, people coming up with ideas different from their own. And I ultimately think that’s why the Third Reich was so successful, or atleast for the time they existed. And thats why books and especially words, are the most powerful and capable resources to ever exist.


5 thoughts on “Are Books Dangerous?

  1. I think not thinking freely does have a great effect in problems but I think the worst problems are caused by people not being able to act on their thoughts.

  2. I agree with you on why Hitler was afraid of. Books definitely give us more knowledge so back then it would have been terrifying for him, because people are gaining knowledge, and they might realize how stupid it is as to what he’s doing. Hitler couldn’t burn all the books though, and that’s how we got Liesel.

  3. “When free thinking becomes a privilege, all wonder,imagination,excitement and basic human descency disapears.”

    Well said, Brock. You’re really developing a knack for writing and I’m glad to see you writing such long entries and pushing yourself to use interesting vocabulary.

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