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Book Club Response 2

I’m done with the book; It got way better at the end. Khalid and Ayesha are getting married and Hafsa got married to the one guy that had the gym. The book was about Muslims in Canada and there culture and it talked about there culture a lot in the book and there beliefs. In Wikipedia it said that Islam is the second largest religion and they are known as Muslims. This talks about Muhammad, there leader that talks to God, and talks more about what there believe in. And about more of there leaders and what they did/do. This talks about what they wear and what each means to them. It talks about why it’s important to them.

Blog #3

I’m going to do my series project on Miss peregrine’s home for peculiar children. I’m doing it on this because i’m already on the 3rd book and I really like the books. I’ll probably be done in a few weeks with this book, because I think there fast reads and I love the series so far.Image result for miss peregrine's home for peculiar children book series in order

Book Club Response 1

My in the  middle of Ayesha at least. So far there has been a lot of drama with Ayesha and Khalid. Ayesha and Khalid are Muslims and there families believe in arranged marriage. Khalid likes to listen to his mother and thinks she knows best as of marriages, but on the other hand Ayesha doesn’t like the idea of it. In the story Ayesha’s cousin Hafsa wants to get married and is wanting for all of this guys to ask her before saying yes.

So far in the story Ayesha and Khalid have being talking and hanging out and are starting to fall for each other. But earlier in the story Hafsa told Ayesha to pretend to be her at this meeting so Hafsa could do other things that day. Ayesha listened and told everyone in the meeting she was Hafsa; at that meeting is where she first meant Khalid. So in the story Ayesha never told Khalid her real name, and his mother is looking for a wife for Khalid. His mother, in the search of looking for a wife, went to Hafsa house to meet her and likes her family and money that she has. Khalid’s mother than sends a request to Hafsa for her to marry her son; Hafsa said yes and is looking forward to marrying Khalid. Khalid hears from his mother about the arranged married and is happy because he thinks his marrying Ayesha. Right now Ayesha is mad at her cousin  and wants to tell Khalid that she is  not who he is going to marry.

The author is Uzma  Jalaluddin, she is from Canada. She’s a high school teacher and writes for the Toronto Star newspaper. In the book  it’s about Muslims and there believes. I know Muslims so I could relate to some of the stuff there were talking about.

The end  of the book is coming up and I think in the end of the book Ayesha and Khalid will get married. I think that Khalid is going to find out who he is really marrying and is going to be mad. Then he  is going to talk to his mom about arranged marries and how he really loves Ayesha. I think that Hafsa is going to be hurt be will be OK in the end. And Ayesha and Khalid will be happy with each other and glad they found each other.

book show and tell term 3

I read Miss Peregrine’s home for peculiar children. The story is about this kid named Jacob, and in the beginning he sees something and thinks he’s going crazy and everyone else thinks he crazy. Well he goes to this island with his dad to find out if he is crazy. And while he is there he finds out stuff.

I really liked the book, I find it to be a fast pace book, and I love how there were pictures in it. I feel like anyone can read it. It may be a little scary but really anyone can read it.


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Blog #2

Steel heart’s backstory

You all know of the most powerful Epic Steel Heart, well do you know how  he got to be that bad? Well, first of Steel heart has a older brother, Nick who was an easy baby who didn’t cry that much. He listened to his parents and was an outgoing kid,  but as for steel heart, his mother never want him he was a mistake to his parents. His mother had a hard pregnancy with him, so when he was born his mom already didn’t want him. But it all got worse from there.

Growing up his  mom never teat him the same as she did with Nick. Nick was the perfect child. He got straight A’s, was the fastest on the track team and all ways listened to his parents. As for Steel heart he would come home with C’s and was never on an sport team and he never listened to his parents. Steel heart was a bad child in his parents eyes. His mom hardly talked to him and his dad would tell him. “You are nothing to the world and are never going to be anything ever.” And Steel heart would reply back with. “One day i’m going to be someone, someone powerful and ill show you that I could  be someone.” But his dad would just look at him and laugh and say. “You are weak and a no body that can’t do anything right.” Then his dad would turn away and leave.

Through Steel hearts life his  family was pretty poor but would always buy stuff for his brother Nick. His parents would only give Steel heart the leftovers of any dinners and most of the time no one would  even look at him. His family would tell people that they only had one son, which was Nick. They all abused him  emotionally, most nights Steel heart would  cry himself to self to sleep and would never let anyone hear because that was weakness to his parents.

When he turned 18 his dad kick him out of the house. Steel heart had to live on the streets.Everyday he would beg for food and would hid his face because he was embarrassed of himself and didn’t want anyone to see him. Everyday he would  think that his dad was right about him. He was a no body. Everyday he wondered why him, and wish he could be something different. Then one day, his wish came true and people were turning in to these amazing Epics. Then one day he turned into one. And he wanted to be the most powerful Epic ever.


Blog Post #1

I first started to LOVE to read around like 6th grade. I can just really get into most books and once I start I try to finish as soon as I can. I don’t really have a favorite book, I just like a lot of books, but some of those books are, Miss. Peregrines home for peculiar children, child 44, the 5th wave, and a lot more. Today i’m reading hollow city. I mostly like to read one book at a time but can read more.

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