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Book Club Response 1

My in the  middle of Ayesha at least. So far there has been a lot of drama with Ayesha and Khalid. Ayesha and Khalid are Muslims and there families believe in arranged marriage. Khalid likes to listen to his mother and thinks she knows best as of marriages, but on the other hand Ayesha doesn’t like the idea of it. In the story Ayesha’s cousin Hafsa wants to get married and is wanting for all of this guys to ask her before saying yes.

So far in the story Ayesha and Khalid have being talking and hanging out and are starting to fall for each other. But earlier in the story Hafsa told Ayesha to pretend to be her at this meeting so Hafsa could do other things that day. Ayesha listened and told everyone in the meeting she was Hafsa; at that meeting is where she first meant Khalid. So in the story Ayesha never told Khalid her real name, and his mother is looking for a wife for Khalid. His mother, in the search of looking for a wife, went to Hafsa house to meet her and likes her family and money that she has. Khalid’s mother than sends a request to Hafsa for her to marry her son; Hafsa said yes and is looking forward to marrying Khalid. Khalid hears from his mother about the arranged married and is happy because he thinks his marrying Ayesha. Right now Ayesha is mad at her cousin  and wants to tell Khalid that she is  not who he is going to marry.

The author is Uzma  Jalaluddin, she is from Canada. She’s a high school teacher and writes for the Toronto Star newspaper. In the book  it’s about Muslims and there believes. I know Muslims so I could relate to some of the stuff there were talking about.

The end  of the book is coming up and I think in the end of the book Ayesha and Khalid will get married. I think that Khalid is going to find out who he is really marrying and is going to be mad. Then he  is going to talk to his mom about arranged marries and how he really loves Ayesha. I think that Hafsa is going to be hurt be will be OK in the end. And Ayesha and Khalid will be happy with each other and glad they found each other.

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  1. Great discussion here! Thanks for sharing specifics with me!

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